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eTouch for Health Level III Workshops
Client Management & Advanced Techniques

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Length: 4 Hours
Prerequisites: eTouch for Health Level II

Recommended: Complete the eTouch for Health Level I Tutorial, read Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, pp. 66; 315-325; 338-339.

Level III - focuses on the use of the software as a practitioner tool and examines client management and personal reports in more detail. This level also introduces the advanced techniques of the dynamic eTouch Priority System and using the integrated and dynamically working Five-Element Metaphors as the balancing technique in the practice balance. Level III and the eTouch workshop series culminate with the submittal of a testing session to the online
John F. Thie Memorial Research Database.

As Touch for Health (TFH) matures and moves closer to the mainstream of healthcare in the future, the TFH practitioner will need professional tools, like eTouch for Health, to assist them. Part of the duties of a TFH Practitioner is to manage the information related to their clients. eTouch stores contact and address information, Session results and information that describes a clients general health condition. You can also record specific conditions and diagnosis that the client has already received from professional healthcare providers. These are important so that you can be aware of the specific health issues of your clients as you work with them energetically through TFH.

The Admin(istrator) in eTouch has special privileges that allow importing records, running maintenance procedures and resetting passwords. In the first exercise, you will login the Admin and then import a list of records into eTouch. You will then add photos for a person and then review the personal reports.

eTouch contains advanced features such as the Database Priority and Extend Systems. The Database Priority System is displayed in the TFH Reference and implemented in the Session Wizard. Here, the Priority System can be used to shape the type and scope of the session as well as used to select techniques based on priority. The dynamic workings of the Five Element Metaphors are also examined in this workshop. The Extend System is examined in this workshop where a basic introduction to EFT is located.

At the end of this workshop, the student will have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the Client Management and Advanced Techniques that are part of the
eTouch for Health software system.

Level III Objectives:

Primary goal is to ensure the workshop participant is confident and comfortable with the multiple eTouch for Health session options.

In this Workshop, you will learn:

  • The Privileges of the Administrator and perform Admin Tasks

  • The features available for tracking Client Information
  • How to use the Extend System

  • How to use the Priority System to shape the Session and then use in a
    One-Point Balance

  • How to Submit a Session to the online John Thie Memorial Research Database.

Level II - Client Management & Advanced Techniques

Workshop Manual Table of Contents


Workshop Objectives

Assumed Skills

Admin Privileges and Capabilities:

  • Login
  • Review Admin Utilities Screen
  • Importing Records
  • Reviewing your Imported Records
  • Setting Options for all records in bulk
  • Reviewing the Sample Agreement
  • Reviewing Personal Records

Adding Portraits for Personal Records

Use of Photos Options in eTouch

Photos for Before-and-After Comparisons

Comparisons Report using Photos

Personal Reports

The Priority System

  • Reference
  • Wizard & Session Priorities
  • Shaping a Session with Priority
  • Setting Priority after Technique Selection
  • Selecting the 5-Element Metaphors as a Priority

Balancing with the 5-Element Metaphors

Closing the Session

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