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eTouch for Health Level 4 Workshop
Presenting eTouch for Health

Length: 4 Hours

Prerequisites: eTouch for Health Level 3

Level 4 - This workshop focuses on basic technical issues of using a computer for presentation of information. It also presents basic computer terms that users of these modern technologies may face. It does not attempt to make a technical expert out of the workshop attendees but only presents concepts and tools that will assist when using computerized presentation systems in classes, presentations and demonstrations.

The primary benefit of this workshop is to assist the instructor, presenter or consultant in selecting tools that will make them more effective as presenters of the Touch for Health / eTouch for Health information during classes and sessions. Many people have underlying fears and phobias of technology. This workshop is designed to help the attendee overcome these basic fears and become more effective as instructors and presenters. This workshop also rounds out the eTouch for Health Workshops to 16 Hours which will allow the eTouch Workshops to serve as an Instructor Update.

Level 4 Objectives:

Primary goal is to present the workshop participant with the basics of technology and discuss available options for presenting eTouch to a small group, a class or a large audience.

In this Workshop, you will discuss:

The Role of Technology in Healthcare
Information Management
Presentation of Information
Distribution of Knowledge and Information
Paperless Storage and Exchange of Records
Technical Basics:
Operating Systems
Applications / Apps
Screen Resolution
Virus Protection
Wired versus wireless
Display Methods
Digital Displays
Laptops, iPad Tablets and iPhone
Apple TV
Digital Projectors
Common Technical Issues
Installation with Virus Protection On
Adjusting Scrren Resolution
Passwords Lost
Blocking personal information on reports
User-assigned Passwords
A super-conidential solution
Level IV Quiz

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