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eTouch has movies and illustrations to help you learn to use Touch for Health















For the novice, eTouch contains:

  • A fully searchable reference that contains all the Touch for Health concepts and techniques with extensive illustrations and instructions.

  • The Session Wizard, shown at right, guides you through the creation of a testing and balancing session.

  • Plentiful Tips and Help are available throughout the software

  • eTouch can automatically step you through a 14- or 42-muscle session.

eTouch provides digital movies, illustrations and detailed instructions on how to test each muscle. With the digital movies, a test can be stepped through frame-by-frame so that precise range-of-motion movements can be seen.

These are also good for the person being tested because they can see how the test is to be performed. There are digital movies for both standing and supine muscle testing. When first learning, most people stand or place a mat on the floor and portable massage tables work well.

If you or the patient has a question during a session, you can simply refer to the screen or go to the extensive reference to get your answer. It is easy to return to your session and continue.

It is also easy to record the results of your tests. Recording your results allows advanced features to become accessible in eTouch for the novice.


In Touch for Health muscle-testing results indicate the energy state in the related energetic meridian. When muscles are unable to lock, there are a variety of ways to restore the flow of the energy. eTouch provides buttons, on right, for the standard TFH balancing techniques. This palate is located on the primary testing and balancing pages. Other specialized techniques are available through the Techniques button with explanations for their use.

It is normal in Touch for Health, for either the first or the first several techniques to work. In case the strength does not return to the muscle, eTouch suggests for both tester and patient to take a breath and review techniques. This check list is good for anyone testing and balancing and provides confidence for someone just learning Touch for Health for the first time.

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