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The testing logs in eTouch show the results of testing and can also track which balancing techniques were used. The color-coded results are a visual aide for both tester and patient and show both progress and results. It is easy to click between different screens and see more or less information, depending upon the needs of the practitioner.

The testing page shows more detail about individual muscles while the balancing pages show detailed information for each of the standard Touch for Health balancing techniques. Information on many more balancing techniques and modalities are available through the Techniques screen. The eTouch Extend feature allows new techniques to be added in the future and makes eTouch extensible.


eTouch Testing Log

Experienced practitioners may want to use the 42-muscle Grids. These indicate all the muscles currently in a session and allow muscles to be added by simply clicking on the name of a muscle that is not in the session. Muscles in the Grids can be viewed in meridian, anatomical or alphabetical order.

These screens are good for the practitioner that does not need to see as much information related to the tests and balancing techniques. But, if more information is needed, it is usually only a click away.

eTouch Grid


Practitioners who have ever manually charted testing results on the Meridian Wheel using erasable markers and clear acetate will love the Meridian Wheel in eTouch. Here, energy blockages (beaver dams) are automatically shown as the testing results are entered. Testing results can be entered directly onto the Wheel and the graphics will take shape dynamically.

eTouch also contains the Chinese Five Element Metaphors, which represent the latest research of John, Carrie and Matthew Thie. The Metaphors are also dynamically connected to the results of the tests and to the Wheel so that only the active metaphors are displayed.

eTouch for Health Meridian Wheel

eTouch has an extensive reporting system that provides a large amount of information about a session. Practitioners can print session reports for their own records as well as having a printout of the session that clients can take with them.

These reports are also handy for observing past and present patterns of muscle weakness and presents a record of what techniques were used to balance the weaknesses.



For the Touch for Health practitioner, eTouch includes several features focused on their needs. In the United States, there are several legal movements that are occurring that can affect the practitioner. The first of these are the new Health Freedom Bills being passed around the country.

The second of these is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which has far researching implications, but for the TFH practitioner, the primary concern is to protect the privacy of patient personal information and session records.


Health Freedom Bills are good for the practitioner because the laws recognize the existence and the value of alternative and complementary healthcare methods. But, they also require practitioners to clearly state in a signed agreement with the patient that they are not a professional biomedical healthcare provider and do not diagnose or treat named diseases nor make recomendations about or prescribe medications. This is good for both practitioner and patient as the type of service is clearly stated and the theory of the treatment presented as well as the training and experience of the practitioner. In most places of the United States, no special license is required to practice Touch for Health, but always check your local regulations.

HIPAA influenced us to provide a password guarded access system which allows access to the personal record or session records of a person only if the proper password is used. This is an important feature for a practitioner that needs to guard the privacy of this information.

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