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Benefits of Touch for Health and eTouch for Health

eTouch Screen


Benefits of Touch for Health
          • Balances the Body's Energies so it can heal itself
          • Relieves Stress, Aches and Pains
          • Promotes Faster Healing and Recovery
          • Positive Goals Set for Personal Development
          • Increases Mind/Body Awareness
          • Improves Posture and Increases Vitality
Benefits of eTouch for Health




Some students can not find classes or instructors in their area. With eTouch for Health, people all around the world are teaching Touch for Health to themselves.

Many eTouch aficionados start as students and use eTouch for learning and practicing Touch for Health (TFH) techniques. Whether in a formal hands-on workshop or at home with self study, it is a very handy reference tool and a great guide. Students can use the handy wizard for creating and conducting TFH sessions for their practice balances.

eTouch is a perfect companion for students while learning Touch for Health. Having the reference and Charts handy is super!

  • Movies of TFH muscle tests with Dr. John, Carrie and Matthew Thie provide great visual assistance
  • Complete content of Touch for Health - the complete edition included in a searchable reference 
  • Three levels of Tutorials help students learn key components of the TFH model
  • Digitized charts provide handy reference to the primary charts of Touch for Health
  • Session Wizard creates a variety of TFH balancing sessions
  • Dynamic patterns for the Meridian Wheel and 5 Elements assist in learning one-point balancing techniques
  • Reports can be submitted to Instructor for Practice Balances


Self, Family, Friends, Loved Ones


eTouch is indispensable as a tool that laypeople can use in addressing the daily common aches and pains of life!
Most modern families already practice 'self-care'...

"Do I stay out of work today?"
"My doctor's appointment is next week but I feel bad today."
"Mom, I don't want to go to school today and take that test.  My stomach feels weird."
"I'm hurting all over after working in the yard all weekend!"
"That was a fun day of tennis but I'm feeling it in all those  muscles that I haven't used in years!"
"I need to ask for a raise tomorrow and I'm nervous."



TFH Wellness Chart
Touch for Health Wellness Chart

"Up to 90% of the everyday issues we face with wellness and healthcare in our daily lives do not require the attention, skills and resources of our highly-trained doctors and staffs."
- Dr. John Thie



*Touch for Health and eTouch for Health are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. For all serious and life-threatening issues or with continuing or worsening symptoms, always contact professional healthcare providers. No medical information or advice provided in this newsletter or in the eTouch for Health software.


Classroom with Students Classroom setup and ready for students


eTouch is a wonderful tool for instructors! Being able to present the topics and techniques of Touch for Health with eTouch is similar to having many 'PowerPoint' presentations instantly at your fingertips. Instructors can easily answer student's questions while providing examples that they can easily see.

  • Entire content of Touch for Health - the complete edition available as a resource that can be projected
  • TFH muscle groups divided to match the IKC TFH training manuals
  • Digitized "TFH Wall Charts" are a great training resource
  • Recording of muscle testing results allows students to follow along when demonstrating techniques
  • Dynamic patterns for the Meridian Wheel and 5 Elements assist in learning one-point balancing technique
  • Reports show techniques used in a balancing session




Practitioners find the record-keeping features of eTouch invaluable. They like the ability to be able to see the past sessions of clients which helps prepare for new appointments.

  • Client tracking
  • Session creation, reporting and archival
  • Powerful reference of all technique
  • Expansion Apps that provide additional techniques from leaders of our field


Earl speaking in Salt Lake Cit
Earl Cook Speaking in Salt Lake City

Earl says, "As a speaker, I use eTouch extensively in my talks for illustrating key points and capabilities."

eTouch was used during the last talks of Dr. John Thie for recording the results of his balances he was giving on-stage at TFHKA annual conferences. In 2005, Dr. Thie's presentation was recorded and the video is available online via YouTube (below).
Video of Dr. Thie's Presentation

These last sessions of Dr. Thie are still in Earl's eTouch records. The results of this balance shown in the YouTube video are included in a sample record with each copy of eTouch. This allows speakers to show the video of Dr. Thie and then show the results in eTouch where they can be explained and elaborated upon.

This is a powerful connection for speakers around the world that are sharing Touch for Health with the world.

Marketers at Trade Shows and Conferences

eTouch in Salt Lake City TFH Conference
eTouch on Portable Screen with Pico Projector

eTouch at Cymatics Conference
ISTA 2015 Conference
@ Georgia Academy of Medicine

When promoting Touch for Health and your services, eTouch is an eye-catching and fully-functional tool. Here are some photos from various shows and conferences over the past few years.

Cymatics Conference
eTouch on Flat Panel TV and Square Reader


Successful Touch Test!
May 19, 2017

Main Menu eTouch
eTouch running on a large state-of-the-art
touchscreen display



Combining touch with an advanced touchscreen display was a real treat to test. eTouch for Health performed flawlessly on this advanced computer / touchscreen system. Simply touching a button caused eTouch to quickly and seamlessly go to where ever was chosen. This technology (with lower costing products) could be installed in clinics where results could easily be recorded with simple touches on the screen.
Students and clients like seeing the results as they are recorded. We have noticed they become more involved and understanding of what we are demonstrating and doing.

View YouTube Video of Testing Session

Where's the Research?

"I have to thank you enormously for pointing me to that innocuous looking little Research link at the top of your page leading to a motherlode of MMT and AK research!!! Wow, wow, wow. Will keep me busy for quite some time!"

- Denise Cambiotti

We need volunteers!
In looking through the research pages, if, you see a topic that you are knowledgeable or would like to be, then let us know! You will search available online databases and find peer-reviewed studies, write a short abstract and provide us with the links and we will update this community database.

Links to Selected Research Topics

Manual Muscle Testing - research studies and literature reviews 

Proprioceptive Systems by Richard Duree

Applied Physiology by Richard Utt

Zen Kinesiology by Kenichi Ishimaru

Research Main Menu - links to online research databases and active kinesiology researchers

The research links above go to public online government and academic research databases, links to active researchers, abstracts with links to peer-reviewed studies, articles, papers on TFH techniques and overviews of modalities related to Touch for Health.

Touch for Health and eTouch for Health are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. For all serious and life-threatening issues or with continuing or worsening symptoms, always contact professional healthcare providers. No medical information or advice provided in this newsletter or in the eTouch for Health software.