The Gate to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2005.

My hosts, Gladys and Eliu Diaz, are huge supporters of Touch for Health in Puerto Rico. I was invited to teach a workshop on our software, eTouch for Health. I was tea



San Juan is both a destination and the entry point to cruises and flights to the Caribbean Islands.

Site of our class was the Universidad Metropolitana San Juan
Transformation. Thought that a good motto for our class, also.
There is lush foliage everywhere in Puerto Rico.
Bananas! I always thought they grew hanging downwards.



I've always been fascinated with the large radio telescope at Arecibo. Eliu took me to the end of the island and through a lot of sights of Puerto Rico. It was a great adventure along many narrow roads with a lot of little villages along the way.


Finally, I could see it as we approached the gate... which had a sign on it that said: "Closed on Mondays".

So close.

Eliu suggested Plan B. He's a pilot and there was an airport nearby so we rented an airplane so that we could see Arecibo from the air.
What a view from the air! This is where an underground river comes into the ocean just off shore. It was a big spring in the ocean. This spot also marks one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle. We were now flying inside the Triangle!
A few seconds after flying off the coast at 1,000 feet (the ceiling was 2,000 feet), a twin-engined plane dropped out of the clouds about a mile in front of us and were heading straight for us. Eliu and the other pilot both turned away at the last second and we flew past each other at about 75-100 feet!
After that excitement, we continued up the coast. But, Arecibo was covered with the clouds and we still could not see the observatory.
It's really a beautiful land.
Lush green everywhere!
Lots of pretty beaches along the way that appear to be semi-secluded.

Meandering river cut its way through the mountains in the distance.

River meets the Atlantic Ocean
laLanding in a cross-wind. Eliu crabs us in for a smooth landing. I think we touched down on the 8.nding
Flying out of San Juan.
Flying along the coast a bit higher and faster than yesterday when we almost had a mid-air right over there along the coast.
It was a great trip to beautiful Puerto Rico.
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