43rd Annual TFHKA Conference

Serra Retreat, Malibu, California

July 11-15, 2018


Serra is located on a high mesa overlooking the Pacific Ocean about a mile away.

Group photo of the attendees in the 'playful shot'.

from Debbie Benson.

TFHKA Board of Directors
Dawn, Claudia and Mat
Cactus forming an arch along one of the paths
Cindy Deal and Ron Crough
Adam Lehman


Alexis Costello, balances her daughter, Hannah, before her talk
A happy Mom with two relieved kids after their talk at the conference.
Earl Cook, Dr. Sheldon Deal and Scott Generke
Earl Cook's workshop begins out on the point on Sunday morning.
Darcy Lewis and Claudia Thie
Cactus resembling a rooster. The Malibu Colony and Pacific Ocean in the background.
Blue flower
Heather introduced Muscle Tuners with her partner, Denise Cambiotti.
Aggie balancing Sara in the courtyard

Debbie Benson, Jan Cole, Anne Keller-de Wild, Matthew Thie and Claudia Thie.


from Debbie Benson

Debbie Benson, Heather Phillips, Jan Cole, and Lucy Cannata. Jan recently returned from her trip to Antartica and shared a lot of interesting photos and souvenirs she brought back.
Earl Cook, Darcy Lucy, Russ Bain and Claudia Thie
Serra Chapel
Earl Cook. Talk given and workshop several days away.
Congratulations to our former student, Chena Stoner Anderson, in her first year as an instructor, trains more students Level 1-4 during 2017-2018 and wins the TFHKA Instructor of the Year Award.
Sunrise at Serra Retreat. Serra is operated by Franciscan Friars.
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