by Earl Cook

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association's (TFHKA) 31st annual conference was held at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in Covington, Kentucky.

During our free time, we had a chance to see the area and here is a link to our Cincinnati photos.

Thanks to Gail for her assistance and Jan Cole for her proofreading and editing.

The conference began with a memorial and tribute to Dr. John Thie, the author and founder of the Touch for Health movement. This was the first time in 31 years that Dr. Thie wasn't a conference participant (or attendee), though we know he was there in spirit with us.

Rob Aboulache holds a globe resembling the TFHKA logo. In a moving tribute, Rob passed the globe around so that everyone could touch and hold it while saying their good byes to Dr. Thie and experience the energy and unity of the group as we move forward.

Dr. Thie was missed in so many ways. It was great to see people gathered for the conference and ready to carry Dr. Thie's vision forward.

Matthew (Dr. Thie's son), Carrie (Dr. Thie's wife), Tim (Dr. Thie's grandson) and Alice Viera, Ph.D. (Dr. Thie's sister) attended the memorial. Carrie gave a loving tribute to John and to everyone involved with Touch for Health. Mat, as keynote speaker, spoke of the past and future of Touch for Health.

Alice created a DVD of John's life with great photos and video from his life showing the enthusiasm, the joy and the love that he expressed throughout his life.

Tim hopes to become a chiropractor and energy kinesiologist and follow in his Grandfather John's footsteps.

Matthew is continuing his busy international schedule of teaching and attending conferences and has taken on John's classes and responsibilities in many areas, as well.

It was wonderful seeing the family together! After all the tears, we laughed again knowing that we have things to do and will do in the honor of a very great man, John Thie.

Sheldon Deal, DC, ND demonstrates some of the latest findings in the world of energy kinesiology. Throughout his career, Sheldon has worked closely with Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Thie.

Dr. Deal stated that he always liked to collect the latest in research and findings over the years so that he could try them himself. Sheldon "the real" Deal travels the world sharing this knowledge.

At left, Sheldon demonstrates a technique for assessing neurotransmitters in the quadrants of the brain and how to detect over and under levels. He also presented several other interesting discoveries in the field of kinesiology.

Cindy and Sheldon Deal share time with Joy and Ron Crough on the top deck of the Belle of Cincinnati during the riverboat dinner cruise.

Dr. Deal became interested in Kinesiology, when he first met Dr. George Goodheart in 1970. He was later asked to be one of Dr. Goodheart's Study Group Leaders and was one of the original group of physicians who later became known as the "dirty dozen". It was this group that went on to form the nucleus of the International College of Applied Kinesiology. - (I.C.A.K.).

Dr. Thie was the ICAK's founding Chairman in 1972 and served until 1976. Dr. Deal served as Chairman of the College from 1978 to 1983. Today Sheldon serves as President of the ICAK Board of Examiners and the Technical Advisor to the Association of Specialized Kinesiology (ASK).

Norma 'Bubbles' Harnack spreads good joy during dinner on the riverboat. Norma is putting together the Midwest Instructors and Kinesiotherapy Educators Update in St. Louis during August, 2006.

Dinner aboard the Belle of Cincinnati.
Larry Green, Arlene Green and Margo Aboulache. Larry and Arlene teach through the U.S. Kinesiology Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Margo is the new bride of TFHKA President, Rob Aboulache and resides in the Hollywood Hills of California.

Bruce Doolin, left, of Columbus, Ohio, a long-time TFH instructor and practitioner, has an interesting conversation with another interesting guy, Moku-Wai Busch from Kealakekua, Hawaii.

Ed and Judy Ireton (in red) planned this year's conference. Held in "their neighborhood", they surprised us with how many fun things there are to do in the Cincinnati area.

Ed's niece, at left, joined them on the riverboat cruise.

Jerry Blackburn (with the muscle shirt) brought a great group of volunteers to the conference. They worked setting up and running the bookstore, putting up and retrieving the CEU tracking sheets and doing whatever else was needed.

Thanks to all of them from us because they really, really helped us. Particularly thanks to Terry Loe, bottom right, for her tireless work running the bookstore.

Jerry is working to blend the advantages and similarities between the fields of Touch for Health and Massage Therapy.

Jennifer, another of Jerry's group, headed the volunteer squad. Here in the wheelhouse, she keeps her eye on things as we travel upstream on the Belle of Cincinnati.

Karen Beleck of Baltimore enjoys the view and laughter in the wheelhouse. Karen, a new instructor, completed Matthew Thie's and Wayne Topping's first Instructor Training Workshop taught together last year in Malibu, California.

Captain Cook and First Mate Gail in the wheelhouse.

Gladys, from Florida and originally from Puerto Rico and Jackeline, from Puerto Rico, enjoying themselves on the dinner cruise Thursday night. Gladys and her husband, Eliu, are responsible for promoting and growing Touch for Health on the island of Puerto Rico in an impressive way.

Linda Reese and Debbie Benson balance the PMC on the top deck of the Belle of Cincinnati as she sails past the Cincinnati skyline.

Linda, from San Diego, California has attended or participated in 29 of the 31 TFHKA conferences! Debbie, an instructor and practitioner from Belluvue, Washington, an active supporter for many years, recently served on the TFHKA Board of Directors 2003-2005.

Our thanks to Linda and Debbie for everything that you do and for supporting Balancing the World!

A live DJ kept the dance floor full after a lively dinner of conversation and fun during the boat cruise.

Left, Bonnie Blackstock, former Board Member from Georgia, and at right is our jester, Mike Peck. Don't worry folks, in his day job, Mike handles top secret information!

If you thought that it was just a momentary lapse with Mike, it is longer lasting than that! Mike added a lot of laughter and fun to the cruise!

My ambitious plan was to conduct a balance on the riverboat and then submit it wirelessly through the Internet to the John F. Thie Memorial Research Database using the LilyPad Project. This didn't work as the wireless coverage on the river (and in other places) isn't really there yet.

We saw a big banner in Newport proclaiming free wireless but, we only found private networks in the area and were unable to use them. So, three-city free wireless connectivity seems to be a great concept, but it isn't there yet.

Since Cincinnati is such a huge crossroads of commerce, I thought it very befitting that they are attempting to establish a new means of communication and commerce. I would like to try this experiment again at a later time once things get worked out.

The morning Mentastics led by Yvonne Bowman and a variety of drumming and music were a great way to start the day for many.

Sheldon Deal, Elizabeth Barhydt, PhD, MT (standing) and Cindy Deal. Elizabeth and her husband, Hap Barhydt, PhD, received a special Lifetime Achievement Award for their many contributions and their long time service to Touch for Health.

Elizabeth and Hap authored:
How to Relieve Stress, Pain and Learning Blocks Naturally

• Children's Self-Help - Improving Performance and Building Self-Esteem

• Accurate Muscle Testing for Foods and Supplements PLUS Balancing Meridians

• Self Help for Stress & Pain plus Learning Blocks - Flash Card Set

• Self Help for Stress & Pain plus Learning Blocks - Video

Earl, Matthew and Gail.

One of the more memorable moments for us at the conference. Gail and I had worked so closely with Dr. Thie and expected to do so for another 20-30 years. But, just as we were completing huge endeavors and beginning new things, he left us too soon.

The past year without John has been extremely difficult for us as we lost a mentor, friend, guide, and teacher. But, we are going forward and have many projects planned that will help the world of Touch for Health and look forward to working with Matthew.

God Speed, John Thie! There are many that are still carrying forward your wonderful message of health, hope and love into the future and doing so all around the world.

Putting faces with the names. After we left the conference and headed north, we stopped by the TFHKA office and met Stephany (on left) and Cassie, the office manager. Members of TFHKA are in communication with these ladies all the time. I always think it is beneficial to be able to put a face with the voice on the other end of a line.

The 2007 TFHKA Conference promises to be another historic event. It will be held in Salt Lake, City June 6-9, 2007.

Why historic? Because, this is a unified conference where TFHKA will join with the Energy Kinesiology Association (EnKA) and the following organizations as the worldwide Kinesiology community comes together for the first time. The organizations participating are:

• International Kinesiology College

• International Association of Specialized Kinesiology

• International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

• Three-In-One Concepts

• Edu-K (Brain Gym)

• Psychological Kinesiology

©2006 Earl Cook