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Energy Kinesiology Association (EnKA)


International Association of Specialized Kinesologists (IASK)

Annual Conference

July 17-20, 2009


Hyatt Dulles Hotel

Washington, D.C.


The bookstore was a lively and popular spot during the conference!

Robin & Debbie

Robin Rings and Debbie Fletcher from Eurich Management. Robin is the Manager of the TFHKA Membership Database and Debbie is the Librarian and Admin. Assistant that handles shipment of orders and certificates for TFHKA.

Thank you Robin & Debbie for your work at the conference and year round!

Sponsor doTerra

Marty Hagen, of doTerra - Essential Oils. doTerra was the sponsor of the conference registration and reception.

Thank you, Marty and doTerra!

Hugo Tobar Speaking

Hugo Tobar speaking on "Neuroenergetic Kinesiology"

EnKA Board Meeting

The all-day EnKA Board Meeting was a busy place!

EnKA Board

2008 - 2009 EnKA Board Members

The vendor tables were set up along the hallway in front of the meeting rooms. They were colorful and interesting!

Robin Rings Robin Rings during the Conference Registration

Matthew, Annemarie, Marge The three presidents, Mathew Thie - TFHKA, Annemarie Goldschmidt - IASK, Marge Bowen - EnKA at the Awards Banquet.

Award at Banquet Awards at the Banquet

Larry Green, Earl Cook, Carrie Thie and Matthew Thie received awards at the 2009 conference.

Larry's award was for his devoted service as the conference Emcee over the years, his service as a former President of TFHKA and for his other contributions to the organization.

Earl received the Angel Award for Extraordinary Service and Dedication to TFHKA.

Carrie Thie received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her role in building Touch for Health over the past 35+ years as wife and partner with John Thie.

Matthew Thie was recognized for his courageous and steadfast leadership as President of TFHKA during a difficult transitionary period for the organization.