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eTip-009   Version 2.0 - Creating Sessions with Muscle Sets to Match IKC TFH Muscle Groupings

The IKC TFH Books I and II present the Touch for Health muscles in groups for TFH Levels II and III that are neither the primary 14 meridians or the full 42-TFH muscle set. The eTouch for Health session wizard creates 14, 42-muscle sets plus many other special sets.

In this tip, we will show how to use the built-in capabilities of eTouch so that each muscle set can be easily created by both instructors or students. The basic technique is to create a new person's record and name the person 'Training Demonstration' or something similar. Then, create a session for each group of muscles, mark them all inhibited and then close the session. Later, when the group is needed, use the 'Duplicate Session' feature in the Session Wizard and voila! have a new session with only the muscles that you need in the group!

This assists both instructors and students as the new muscles are presented and as the students practice while using just the muscles that are in the group. We will make this a standard feature in the future, but for now, this is a good workaround.

Touch for Health I Muscles (14 primary meridians)

Note: you will notice that Supraspinatus, Teres Major and Abdominals are repeated in the sets for Level II & III. In the Level III muscles there are also four others that repeat. Therefore, you will end up 17 Level II muscles and 20 Level III muscles in your sets. In eTouch, there is only one Abdominals record and it includes Rectus, transverse and oblique, so in Level II and III, add Abdominals each time.

Touch for Health II Muscles - Meridians: (17 muscles in session)

1. Supraspinatus - Central
2. Teres Major - Governing
3. Anterior Neck Flexors - Stomach
4. Brachioradialis - Stomach
5. Lower Trapezius - Spleen
6. Middle Trapezius - Spleen
7. Subscapularis - Heart
8. Abdominals (Rectus Abdominis) - Small Intestine
9. Sacrospinalis - Bladder
10. Illiacus - Kidney
11. Adductors - Circulation / Sex
12. Piriformis - Circulation / Sex
13. Sartorius - Triple Warmer
14. Popliteus - Gall Bladder
15. Rhomboid - Liver
16. Middle Deltoid - Lung
17. Quadratus Lumborum - Large Intestine

Touch for Health III Muscles - Meridians: (20 muscles in session)

1. Supraspinatus - Central
2. Teres Major - Governing
3. Posterior Neck Muscles - Stomach Meridian
4. Levator Scapulae - Stomach
5. Opponens Pollicis - Spleen
6. Triceps - Spleen
7. Abdominals (Transverse & Oblique) - Small Intestine
8. Anterior and Posterior Tibials - Bladder
9. Upper Trapezius - Kidney
11. Gluteus Maximus - Circulation / Sex
12. Gracilis - Triple Warmer
13. Soleus - Triple Warmer
14. Gatrocnemius - Triple Warmer
15. Coracobrachialis - Lung
16. Diaphragm - Lung
17. Hamstrings - Large Intestine

Touch for Health IV Muscles (all 42 muscles)

I. Login the Person you Wish to Balance (create new personal record if necessary)

II. Go to Muscles

III. Notice the Buttons at the bottom of the Muscle List

There are multiple standard ways for finding and displaying the Touch for Health muscles. The Find... function allows you to find muscles by many different groupings.

IV. Click the TFH II Button

Two choices here: Do want to see only the 14 new muscles (plus Governing, Central & Heart which are always added) or, do you wish to see the new muscles combined with the 14 muscles learned in TFH I?

V. Create your New Session from this point just as you would normally do.

Once the new session is created, it can be used just as any other session. For instructors, this is a handy way to teach the muscles in sets as they have been defined in the IKC TFH Training Books. For students, it is a great way to learn while in class and practicing. For students that must turn in reports for their balances, the eTouch reports work great for turning into the instructor.

Good luck!

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