eTouch for Health


Effective April 23, 2024



New Operating Systems from Microsoft and Apple Computer have introduced incompatibilities to eTouch for Health and our related Expansion Apps and VOD software training products.

All new Sales and Upgrades of the eTouch for Health software apps and related apps for Windows and Macintosh OS are being temporarily suspended until further notice.


Backup immediately!

eTip - Backing up Files



Dedicate your current functioning system to eTouch for Health operations with a dedicated computer

  • Freeze your current level of Operating System (OS)
  • Do not upgrade to an incompatible Operating System (OS)
  • Maintain and keep your security and privacy apps updated
  • Disconnect the computer from the Internet for increased security

Least expensive option

Least disruptive of operations

Preserves a working configuration


Requires dedicating a computer to keep eTouch functionality by not upgrading OS

No guarantees on system life


Migrate eTouch to an Apple iPad and run eTouch with the free FileMaker Go App


  • For those who currently have eTouch running on a laptop or desktop computer and have an iPad
  • Copy your current eTouch files to the iPad  
  • Uses the free FileMaker Go app to run eTouch and other apps from us

Relatively inexpensive

Continue with current records for People and Sessions

Gain features that the iPad offers, especially, connecting to large Roku and Apple TVs


Requires a functioning eTouch installation on a desktop or lapto  

Limited by screen size of the iPad for data entry

eTouch on iOS ~ $130

eTip - Transferring Files


Purchase FileMaker Pro Software Application (single user with no annual subscription)


  • Will run eTouch fully on different operating systems (Windows and Mac)
  • Replaces the deprecated Runtime that was used to keep the cost of eTouch low for 20 years
  • Will run other standalone apps created by us
  • A leading software app

Fastest option to implement

Powerful software that offers many advantages

Will remain current with future OS changes

Increased security

Supports modern advanced technology


Relatively expensive

Upgrade cost $385 (usually only when major features added after multiple years)

Buy FileMaker Pro

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eTouch Team extracts the personal and session data from your backups and provides you with files

  • This procedure performed by the eTouch Technical Team
  • Allows a backup of your eTouch data to be converted into a format that can be used by spreadsheets and databases



Preservation and Backup of your important information

Flexibility for the future in that your data can be migrated to other options, if you choose to do so


Requires the eTouch Technical Team

Most expensive option

Turnaround time dependent upon demand

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eTouch is not going away but the current model of delivery and pricing is being suspended due to circumstances beyond our control. This is necessary due to incompatibilities introduced by new Operating Systems from Microsoft and Apple Computer. We have been and currently searching for ways that we can continue to offer affordable options.


The old model of delivery that we have supported for over 20 years consisting of low cost and one-time purchase of our apps is being rapidly challenged by software industry standards changing to yearly subscription models. This is forcing us to change how we package and deliver our many products. A key feature that we used to keep our products at low-cost for the most customers is being eliminated forcing us to change our current model.

There are multiple options that we are exploring and we are searching for the best way to continue our delivery of quality software apps at affordable prices. We have found over the past decades of computers that it is often easier to keep a computer that is functioning perfectly rather than attempting to upgrade it. With the constant change in processors and operating systems, sometimes it is impossible to get all apps updated for new systems. We have routinely “retired” computers to serve a single important function. If you have a perfectly functioning computer running eTouch, treasure it!

The Apple iPad is an option that has not been affected by these changes. If you have a version of eTouch currently running on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop, then there is a possibility that you can move eTouch to these with your clients and sessions and use them there.


We have a remarkable history of being able to keep eTouch running on new operating systems for over 20 years! We have faced some large changes and found workarounds each time. This time, new processors, increasing security requirements, and new paradigms such as the Cloud have rapidly caused major changes in how modern software apps function. The fact that eTouch allows you to create client records and sessions is a feature that the new operating systems are attempting to eliminate or severely curtail due to increased security requirements.