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eTouch for Health...
balancing the whole body


Does eTouch for Health replace the need for medical healthcare?
No. eTouch should be used as a complementary companion to medical healthcare. With the regular practice of Touch for Health techniques, the goal is for you to require less medical care.


Are these techniques new?
No. The knowledge of the energy flows in the body have been known about and used in treatment for many centuries in Oriental medicine. Dr. George Goodheart, DC is known for bringing these techniques to western usage over 40 years ago. Dr. John Thie, DC first published the Touch for Health manual in 1973 and now these techniques are used around the world. The Touch for Health manual organized the knowledge into a format that lay people could use.

Are the Touch for Health techniques difficult to learn?
No. They are easily learned and applied. The eTouch software makes it even easier by connecting related information in a way that it can be easily accessed.

My chiropractor tests my strength in muscles and then quickly massages a spot and the muscles become strong. Are the eTouch for Health techniques similar?
Yes. They are very similar and in many cases, the same techniques. Just like with medical healthcare, these techniques should be used in conjunction with any care that you receive from a chiropractor. However, eTouch techniques do not include adjustments like those offered by chiropractors.
How long does it take before you can begin to tell a difference after a balancing session?
Usually, you can begin to feel a difference within minutes. Each person is different and conditions have varying degrees of severity, so it is impossible to predict exact times. Some people can actually feel
changes taking place as they receive a treatment.
If these techniques work so well, why haven’t we heard
Good question. We have been using these techniques for over 25 years and have worn out three copies of Touch for Health!

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