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Dr. George
Goodheart, DC

While the foundation of Touch for Health is ancient and based on knowledge and techniques that were advanced over a period of thousands of years, it was a 1964 modern discovery in Detroit by Dr. George Goodheart, DC , left.
Dr. John Thie, DC
Jan 25, 1933 - Aug 3 2005 
In 1970, Dr. Thie wanted kinesiology to be available to the general public while Dr. Goodheart wanted to continue teaching Applied Kinesiology (AK) only to professionals. Goodheart challenged Thie to write a book if he truly wanted to achieve his goal and he did.

He discovered that the dysfunction of a muscle could often times be related to an imbalance in the classic chiropractic protocols of neurolymphatic, neurovascular, and muscle origin and insertion reflexes.

Later, with Dr. John Thie, DC, an early student and research partner of Goodheart's from Pasadena, CA and other AK workshop leaders, Goodheart learned that acupuncture meridian systems related to inhibited muscles and could be facilitated (strengthened) by touch reflexes. Goodheart named the new techniques, Applied Kinesiology.

In 1973, Touch for Health (TFH) was published by John Thie in which a simplified version of AK was organized into a manual so that lay people could learn, use the techniques and pass on the techniques to others sharing this gift of healing.

Touch for Health has since been translated into 24 languages and has been taught in over 100 countries. The latest edition, which now has protocols available for professionals, paraprofessional and the lay public will be published in 2004. TFH has grown to become one of, if not the most, practiced form of kinesiology in the world today. Dr. Thie also helped start the International Kinesilogy College which was located in Zurich, Switzerland and is currently in the process of relocating to Queensland, Australia.

Back to top Many outgrowths of these two men's works have evolved over the past 30 years in both the professional and public segments. The new discoveries in kinesiology and 'energy healing' have been built upon the works of Goodheart and Thie. Goodheart continued his focus on teaching to healthcare professionals while Thie is recognized as the father of the many specialized kinesiologies. Today, there is also growth in the area of professional Touch for Health practitioner.

Dr. Thie built a web page of TFH/AK and specialized kinesiology links. These links and descriptions are the best way to see the effect that these two men have had as others have built upon their discoveries and continued the research, understanding and benefits of the wondrous energy healing techniques.

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