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Touch for Health Book

Touch for Health

This is the website for Dr. John Thie, DC, founder of Touch for Health and the author of the book written in 1973 that has been translated into 24 languages. Matthew Thie continues Dr. Thie's research. He teaches a TFH five-day course in Malibu, California as well as the new techniques of using the Chinese Five Element Metaphors for balancing.



Touch for Health Kinesiology Association
of North America

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of North America is a membership organization dedicated to serving Touch for Health Instructors and the public. The association maintains a website and posts a list of certified and registered TFH instructors and their class listings. You can contact the association or individual instructors for additional class schedules and information. The association also prints a newsletter and holds an annual conference which is open to the public.

International Kinesiology College
Nambour West, Queensland, Australia

The International Kinesiology College is a college without walls based in Queensland, Australia. The College continues in the Mission of the Touch for Health Foundation: Promotion of the Touch for Health Concepts, Making TFH available throughout the world and establishing standard curriculum for the TFH Synthesis.

TFH Tree

Touch for Health Interactive Tree

Based upon Jim Reid's Tree of Touch for Health, the TFH Interactive Tree is a collection of websites for modalities either closely related to Touch for Health or built upon its foundation. Click an entry on the tree to go to the website for the listing.


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