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Creating a 'Dummy' Personal Record and Using it to Print Blank Testing Forms and Agreements for Manual Entry

Some people that are using eTouch do not have the computer setup where they can use the computer and eTouch during their sessions. Or, they may prefer to manually record the results first by paper and then later enter the session results into eTouch. This tip shows a way to create and print blank testing forms which also include each muscle test.

And, if you do not want to create these yourself, you can go to this address and download the forms in PDF format:


Create a New Personal Record You will need a password as usual, but do not enter any other information.
Name the Personal Record Use the 'Pipe' as the first letter of the First Name and then enter underscores for the rest of the first name and the last name:
    |______________ _______________
    Note: the Pipe character is shift-back slash. The pipe character is necessary so that the name will appear in the login lists. You can really use whatever character that you wish. Add enough underscores (shift-dash) to claim space for the names that you will handwrite in.
Create a New Session You can repeat this for a 14 and 42-muscle testing session or any special muscle groupings that you create.
Go to the Test Log Do not enter any results since you want the form to be blank.
Sort the Records Sort the records to match the way that you test (by meridian order or anatomical order).

Go to Reports

You will go to the Reports Menu (after clicking OK to acknowledge the Open status)
Print the Testing Forms

Print multiple copies so that you will have a future supply.
You can also download test pages in PDF from:

Print Patient Agreements As needed.