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eTip-005    Understanding the Open Session Alerts

eTouch for Health has several reminders that alert you that a session is still open for the person that is currently logged in. These reminders are designed to help you manage your sessions better so that an important step is not forgotten. When sessions are complete and closed, these messages will not appear. Sessions are closed on the End Session screen in an active session.

You can always leave an open session if you need to go to the reference or update the personal record, for example, but the session should be closed when the session is completed. It is up to you to decide when to close a session. Most of the time, closing it immediately at the end of a session is the best choice, but it may be better to leave it open until some results and follow-ups are made.

Note: With the upcoming activation of the TFH Online Research Database, it will be required that a session be closed to indicate that the session is complete and verified.

The End Session - (either Goal or Condition) screen is where a session is ended. You get to this screen by clicking the Go to End Sess. button that is located on most screens during an active session. On the Session Summary (right) the button is at the lower left side of the button bar.

The Session Summary screen is a great place to wrap up ending comments and to check that the techniques used are entered for the muscles found inhibited. Notice that you can also enter the ending 'Attractor Value' here also. The session still must be closed at End Session screen.

Note: comments can be later updated on closed sessions, but not the testing results or ending values.

On the End Session - Condition screen (right) there are additional values that can be entered. The sample session at the right us a 'Condition-type' session so values can be entered for the ending values for those that can be measured. In some instances, a session may be left open so that there can be time for assessment of the results over a period of days or weeks by the subject and then the ending results entered at a later date. In this case, the open session alerts can be used to remind you to get in contact with the person about the outcome of their balance.

Note: the green '+' button located to the left of the End Time field can be clicked to see how much time has elapsed during a session. This will not close the session, but only gives a time value up to that point.

Understanding the benefits and importance of the Open Session alerts will help you become better in your practice and use of TFH and eTouch. Ending sessions properly will also eliminate the messages that appear when you are navigating and exiting eTouch for Health and give you greater satisfaction that you are being thorough when you work with others.

Tech Tip: What happens if an error or omission is discovered in a session after it has been closed? The Administrator has the capability to open a closed session. This should only be done to correct mistakes as it is important to maintain the integrity of the information and to accurately reflect the details of the session. This is especially important if a session is to become part of the TFH Research Database.

Clicking the red End Session button at the bottom right of the screen above will close the session.

Note: If you have entered your ending value for the session, you will be asked if you wish to Condense or Leave the results for muscles that either tested OK or were not tested. Leaving the results uses more storage space over time on your disk, but gives a more complete profile of your session as you know exactly which muscles were tested. If you will be submitting the session to the research database, Leave all the muscles for a more complete view of the session.

Note: eTouch is shipped with the Sample Tester and Sample Patient as the defaults. There is one session that is open for the Sample Patient, so whenever you exit while she is logged in, you will get the 'Session Still Open' alert. You have two choices, first you can close the open session for the Sample Patient or you can set you own name as the default for logging in so that whenever you start eTouch, your name will be one that is logged in.

To set the default, login with the names you wish to use and as you are logging in, click the 'Make Defaut' checkbox and the next time you login, your choices will be the default.