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eTip - 011
Changing Informed Consent Agreement General Information through Admin Page
To change/update the general information for the Informed Consent Agreement



Click the green Login button.


Select Admin from the list.

Login Panel

Login admin

Note: Whenever Admin is logged in, a green Admin Page button appears at the top of the Login Panel. When logging Admin in, you will be asked if you wish to go straight to the Admin Page (as shown in the Step 3).


Enter the Admin's password.



Click the Gray Login button


Note: The preset Admin password is located on the inside of your CD cover and in the Read Me document included with the software.




Click the blue
Admin Page button

After clicking the Login button, you will get a message asking if you want to go to the Admin page? You can always get to the page later by clicking the Admin Page button as shown in step 1 b.



The Admin Utilities are then displayed as shown below.

Admin Page Options

Notice that the Admin page has special functions only available to the Admin. In this tip, we are modifying the General Agreement to update or add current information.


Click the Yellow button
Go to General Agreement



An editable screen, as shown below, displays your current agreement. You can update or add general information such as address, phone, website, email, etc. You can also modify the relationship overview, licensing specific to your state or community, TFH definition and agreement between the parties.

General Agreement

Click the yellow View/Print Agreement button

View Agreement
After you have entered your information, you can preview your agreement to see what it will look like when printed. Proof your changes and print when complete.

Remember to have your agreement reviewed by
professional legal representatives before using.


Note: The personal qualifications, education and experience, etc. for the Tester are accessed from the Tester's Preferences page. This is explained in Tip 10.