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eTip-0013   Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in the Extend Section

EFT is not part of the Touch for Health. That is why we have located it in the Extend section of eTouch for Health.

However, EFT and Touch for Health are both based on much of the same theory. EFT uses the tapping of points. In EFT, these are called Under Eye, Top of Lip, etc. These points are actually meridian points. For example, the under eye point is actually the beginning point for the Stomach meridian. In our EFT section, we identify the corresponding meridian to each of the tapping points.

From Main Menu, Click the Reference button.

Click the Green Extend button located in the bottom right hand corner of the Reference menu. See graphic below.


eTouch Main Menu

Reference Button. Top button on right.

Reference Menu










Extend Button

  • Click the green Extend button

Reference Menu

Extend button
. Bottom right hand corner.
See close up below.

Extend Button




Extend Menu

  • Click EFT Menu button in the list
Extend Menu

EFT Intro Screen

  • A basic introduction to EFT and a link to the Emofree website is located on this screen
  • Click the green Setup EFT Button
EFT Intro Screen

EFT Setup

  • Select from a list of affirmations or create your own in the editable list
  • Select which segments you wish to included in your Session
  • Note: the Pause will stop the process each time a New Segment begins. The '?' buttons will display additional explanations, hints and tips.
  • Enter the beginning intensity level.
  • Click Green Start EFT Session button
EFT Setup Menu

Begin EFT Session

  • If you chose to include Pauses, then click the green Click When Reday button to start the process.
  • Your affirmations and instructions will appear on each screen. Rub or tap the indicated spots as displayed.
  • Follow the steps as you are guided through the process.
  • Enter your Ending Level of Intensity to end your session.
Begin EFT Session