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eTip-017   Identifying Muscles

In this eTip, we use the Interactive Muscles Chart to access specific muscle details.This is an easy way for beginners to learn the TFH muscles and their location in the body. It is also a valuable tool to help the client identify specifically where the problem area is located during a Touch for Health balance.

Clients will comment, "My shoulder or my neck hurts!" You can ask the client tolook at the chart and select the specific muscle where they feel pain. When you click on the selected muscle, the muscle's summary page will be displayed with details about the muscle, its function and possible causes/indications of inhibition. It also includes one click access to testing and balancing techniques.

Note: All of these observations may have not been scientifically verified. Touch for Health and eTouch for Health are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. For all serious and life-threatening issues, continuing or worsening symptoms, contact a health care professional.

Interactive Muscles Chart
  • Click the Charts button on the Main Menu.

Charts Button

Charts Button: Third button down in far right column.

eTouch Main Menu

You will be taken to the Charts Menu (shown below).

Charts Menu

In this tip we are going to look at the
Interactive Muscles
chart in eTouch.

Muscles Button

  • Click the Muscles button

The Charts Menu, shown below, provides easy access to many of the most frequently used charts in Touch for Health.

Charts Menu

Muscles Button
: Top row, second button. See red arrow.

  Interactive Muscles Charts

Clicking on any muscle name, will take you to that muscle's Summary page. For our example, we wlll use the Levator Scapulae.

  • Click on Levator Scapulae.
    (See red arrow on chart below.)7
  Muscle Chart
  You will be taken to the muscle's Summary page. Here you will find information on:
  • Muscle's function
  • Indications of Inhibition
  • Possible Causes of Inhibition
  • Mucle's Metaphors

  • Beneficial foods
  • Foods to avoid
  • Supplements
In the right column of the Muscle Summary page, you have one click access to the muscles tests and balancing techniques. Shown below.
  Levator Scapulae
  To return to the Interactive Muscles Chart, click the Muscles Icon button located on the right side of the page. (See red arrow.)













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