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eTip-025   Stepping through the movies in eTouch for Health

Accurate muscle testing is very important in Touch for Health. In eTouch, we have instructions, photos and QuickTime movies of all 42 TFH muscle tests. Most of you who are currently using eTouch, have been to the Muscle testing page and played the movies. However, did you know that you can also step through the movies frame-by-frame? To do this you click on the slider beneath the movie and drag slowly forwards or backwards. This allows you to better see the full range of motion of the muscle test.

In this eTip, we show you how to access the muscle testing pages and how to use the slider to step through movies frame-by-frame.



  • On Main Menu, click the
    Muscles button.

Muscle button





You will be taken to the Muscles List. All 42 TFH muscles will be displayed.
(partial list shown below)

eTouch Main Menu

Muscles Button: Second button in right column.

Muscle List

For our example, we will select the Pectoralis Major Clavicular.

  • Click on Pectoralis Major Clavicular in the list to go to its Muscle Summary (third down).

   Muscles List

Muscle Summary Screen

Muscle Summary

On the Muscle Summary page, there is a wealth of information. On this screen, you will find details about the muscle's function, possible indications and causes of imbalance as well as possible beneficial foods. Muscle tests and balancing techniques are one click away. Next, we will go to the Muscle Testing page.




  • On Muscle Summary page, click the green Muscle Testing button at top of column of techniques. (See red arrow.)

Muscle Button

Muscle Testing

On the Muscle Testing screen, there are directions, photos and movies of the muscle tests. You can set the movies to play automatically when you go to the page OR to play only when you click the play button or arrow. Note: The movies below are only graphics, however, you can still see the step-by-step process.


Muscle Testing Page

  When you go to the page, the movies will automatically play (unless you turned off Auto Play).

If you want to play the movie again, click on the arrow below the movie.
Note: If you do not see the slider below the movie, click on the movie.


To play the movie frame-by-frame, click on the circle to the right of the arrow and slowly drag it back and forth. To see the details of the muscle test, you can use the slider to step the movie frame-by-frame through the full range of motion of the muscle test. You can stop at any point. This is very helpful for fine tuning muscle testing skills.

  PMC Test

  PMC Test
  Note the position of the slider in these examples as Dr. John Thie tests Matthew Thie's Pectoralis Major Clavicular.