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eTip-027   Installing and using eTouch for Health on the Apple iPad and iPhone

eTouch for Health on the iOS device operates as a companion to your primary eTouch running on your desktop or laptop computer. eTouch for Health runs on your device via subscriptions which are available for a monthly, yearly or one-time fee.

Activating the device/Cloud Access: (Summary - details are below)

1. Either at the time of purchase of the Primary eTouch or later on the Cloud Configuration screen purchase a monthly, yearly or one time Cloud access subscription

2. To register for Access, please email your eTouch Code to us at:

3. You will receive an email from eTouch for Health within 24 hours of receiving both your subscription order, you will be issued an access code. Enter this code and update your Key Status and your cloud access will be activated.

Once eTouch is installed on the Primary Computer and after the device/Cloud Access is activated in the steps above, then the eTouch files are copied from the Primary Computer to the device using Apple iTunes.

eTouch runs on the device using the free FileMaker Go App. This is downloaded from Apple store using your device. Once FM Go is installed, you are ready to go! Just open FM Go and open the Alpha.ETH file.

Activating device/Cloud Access

Copying eTouch for Health files to the IOS device

Opening eTouch for Health on the device

Renewing Access Subscription

Activating Access

  • On Main Menu of eTouch,
    Click the Cloud icon.

Explore Button

eTouch Main Menu

The Cloud Configuration screen is where you manage your access

Cloud Configuration




Purchase Subscription

If you have not purchased a Cloud Access Subscription, click step #1. If you have already purchased a subscription, go to step #2 below.

*iPad/iPhone Subscriptions
(eTouch 3 required)

Monthly - $6

Yearly - $50

One-Time - $100


Instead of clicking Register for Access, please email your eTouch Code to us at:

Code from example above is: .31569874


Once we receive your eTouch Code, we will issue your Access Codes and email these to you. Please allow up to 24 hours for this process to complete.

• When you receive your codes, enter the codes on the Cloud Configuration Screen.

The easiest way to do this, is to copy the codes from your email and then paste into the scratch field by clicking the "Paste into Scratch" button. Then, you can enter each code into the fields. The "Paste into Scratch" field is just for your convenience.

Paste into Scratch

• Step #3: Click Update Access Key

  Your Cloud Account is now active and your status information will be displayed on the Cloud Configuration screen as well as the Cloud icon.

Popliteus Summary

Next, we need to install on your device (iPad or iPhone.)
Downloading the Free FileMaker Go App

Go to the Apple App Store on your IOS device (iPad or iPhone). Search for FileMaker Go. Download and install the latest version onto your IOS device.

• Select Download free FileMaker Go.

Copying eTouch for Health files to the iPad/iPhone for Windows


Copying eTouch for Health files to the iPad/iPhone for Mac below

For Mac Catalina 10.15 and above

Download your copy of FM Go from the App store to your iPhone/iPad.

Since Catalina, Apple has changed the way laptops interact with mobile devices in transferring files like eTouch for Health uses. iTunes was used for this purpose before Catalina. Here are the new instructions:

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your laptop using the Lightning connector

2. Unlock your iPhone/iPad

3. Go to the Finder

Finder Phone

4. Your device will now show up in the sidebar menu to the left under Location

5. Click on the Device name

Select Device

6. Your Device specifics will know be displayed in the Window

7. Click on Files in the top menu bar

Device Specifics

8. Your FM Go should now appear in in the list of files

9. Open another Finder window and go to your eTouch folder (In Documents on Windows and in Applications on Mac).

10. Open your eTouch folder


11. Select all Files and then Deselect eTouch for Health app on Mac and eTouch for Health.exe on Windows

Select Files

12. Your windows should be positioned so that you can drag the selected files to the FM Go folder in the other window. Note, it may appear that nothing is happening. The files may take up to 5 minutes to copy and there is not notification. After a few minutes, open the FM Go folder and the files should now be there.

Window Positioning

Files After Copying

13. Once the files are there, eject your device from the left sidebar in the Finder window

14. Disconnect your device

Opening eTouch for Health on your IOS device

1. Open FM Go

Locations Recent Files My Apps

2. Click on Locations

3. Click on My Apps

4. Click on Files on my Device

5. Scroll down the file list until you see Alpha.ETH and click on it.

Note: After opening the first time, Alpha will show up in your Recent files when you first open eTouch.

Tech note from Claris

Copying eTouch for Health files to the iPad/iPhone for Windows

For Mac Catalina 10.15 and above, use instructions above

Apple iTunes is the bridge app between your Primary Computer and your iOS device. iTunes is used to install your files, updates files and move datafiles between your device and Primary Computer.

• If you do not have iTunes installed, go here and to download and install.

Go to Main Menu of eTouch and close the program

• Connect your device to your desktop or laptop computer using the device's cable.

• Open iTunes on your device

• First click the small icon at top to bring up devices. See red arrow shown in following illustration.

• Select your device's icon in the left column under the Devices section.

In our example, the device is Earl Cook's iPad 2.


Scroll down until you see File Sharing. This is where FM Go and eTouch will live.

• Click on File Sharing

File Sharing will show up on right.

• Click on FileMaker Go in the list under File Sharing.

Note: We have also noticed that the scroll bars on the iTunes store are sometimes difficult to distinguish.

File Sharing

A list of apps will be displayed

• Select FileMaker Go

• Scroll all the way to the bottom

Select Go

Add Button

• Click the Add... button (Located bottom right of the FileMaker Go Documents window)

• Select your eTouch for Health folder (My Documents folder in Windows, Applications folder in Mac)

Select All Files

Deselect eTouch for Health and the alias if there is one. (Make sure that this file is NOT copied to your device.)

Windows: Control Click on a single file to select or deselect

Mac: Command Click on a single file to select or deselect

Select files

Note: Do not copy the eTouch for Health app. If you accidentally copy the file, the app will be exploded into dozens of files that not part of eTouch. These files can be deleted using iTunes by selecting and hitting the delete key

• Click Add... at bottom

• Click the Open button to copy all files over except eTouch for Health and the alias if there is one.

The eTouch files will be copied to the device.

• Unmount your device. Click the Disconnect button beside the device in the Devices list (always do this before disconnecting your device)

• Unplug your device from your desktop or laptop.

  Renewing Access Subscriptions

You do not need to register again. Your subscription order will be received and we will send you new access codes.