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eTip-031 Using Playful Names for Muscle Tests in eTouch

When teaching our Touch for Health classes, we are always thinking of ways to help students learn more quickly and easily. One of these strategies that we were taught is to use playful or funny names for the muscle test the reflect the action of the muscle test itself. This makes it easier for students to remember and associate the test.

We do encourage our students to learn the proper names, however, in Touch for Health I, learning the playful names can help them learn the tests more quickly. Many instructors, since the early days, have used these (and other) playful names to assist in learning. We were introduced to several of these playful names when first learning TFH and really liked the concept, so, in eTouch we include playful names for all 42 muscle tests.

Toggle Muscle Names

Here are a few of the playful names used in eTouch.

  • Click on muscle name to toggle back and forth.

Muscle test is similar to the action of pressing down on pump handle. Playful name is Pump Handle.

Anterior Deltoid     Pump Handle  


Muscle test is similar to the action of stepping up onto something. Playful name is Stepping up.

Quadriceps     Stepping Up