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eTip-032   Interactive Meridian Chart in eTouch 3.0

The Interactive Meridian Chart is a valuable feature in eTouch 3.0. The Meridians Icon provides quick access to this chart which links to detailed information for each Meridian. This icon is located on the Charts Menu as well as most screens in the Muscles section. This can be very helpful when learning or teaching the fourteen meridians used in Touch for Health.

Note: The Meridian Chart is included in eTouch 2.x, however, it is only interactive in the eTouch 3.0.

Note: All of these observations may have not been scientifically verified. Touch for Health and eTouch for Health are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. For all serious and life-threatening issues, continuing or worsening symptoms, contact a health care professional.

Interactive Meridian Chart
  • Click the Charts button on the Main Menu.

Charts Button

Charts Button: Third button down in far right column.

eTouch Main Menu

You will be taken to the Charts Menu.

Charts Menu

In this tip we are going to look at the
Interactive Meridian
chart in eTouch.

Muscles Button

  • Click the Meridians Icon

The Interactive Meridian Chart will be displayed.

The Charts Menu provides easy access to many of the most frequently used charts in Touch for Health.

Charts Menu

Meridians Icon
: Top row, first button. See red arrow.


Interactive Meridian Chart


Click on a Meridian to display the Meridian's detail page. We chose the Stomach Meridian in our example.

  • Click on the Stomach Meridian.
    (See red arrow on chart below.)

The Meridian will highlight when you click on it.

The Stomach Meridian's detail page will be displayed.
Here you can find information on:

  • Meridian Information
  • Meridian Tracing & Meridian Metaphors
  • Meridian Element Metaphors
  • Meridian Acupuncture Points




Stomach Meridian
  Meridian Detail Page
  • Click the Tracing Tab at the top, to display the detail page for tracing the Stomach Meridian.

Meridian Tracing

  • Click on the Element Tab to display the Meridian Element Metaphors or click on the Acupuncture Points button to display the Acupuncture Charts for all the Meridians.

To return to the Interactive Meridian Chart, click the Meridian Icon.

Meridians Icon