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eTip-034   Five-Element Emotions in eTouch for Health

In Touch for Health, we usually include a positive and meaningful goal with an energetic balance. Interestingly, there are often emotions associated with our goals and it is important to take this emotional component into consideration when balancing. One easy way to incorporate emotions into a balance is using the
Five-Element Emotions. This makes the goal balance more powerful by emphasizing the emotional aspect of the goal balancing. Once the balance session is complete, it is gratifying to see that the emotion has cleared after the balance.

The Five-Element Emotions chart is easily available from several different areas in eTouch and is presented in this eTip.

In this eTip, we explore three different ways to access the Five-Element Emotions chart in eTouch.

1. Charts Menu
Click on the word 'Emotions' under the Five-Elements Icon.

2. Reference/Additional Techniques/Five-Element Emotion Balancing

The details of the technique are displayed here. Click Icon at the top for chart.

These charts are static, however, in an active or open Session, the chart is interactive and your selections will be recorded and included in your Session.

5 Elements

Reference menu

Five-Element Emotions in Sessions

3. Active and Open Sessions

When creating a new Session using the wizard, one of your options is to perform the Pretests. One of the Pretests is to check the 5-Element Emotions associated with the goal.

In our example, we performed all Pretests except for Over-energy. When a Pretest is clicked, it is indicated by an 'X' to the left of the test. You can also click on each Pretest for more details for the technique.

Click the 5-Element Emotions button. The 5-Element Emotions chart will be displayed.


Five Elements Screen
  • Muscle test to see which Emotion(s) is associated with your goal.

  • Click on the associated 5-Element Emotion.
    It wil be added to the list on the left.

  • If another Emotion is associated, click to select. You will have the option to Add or Replace the other Emotion(s) in your list.



Dialogue Screen

In our example, we chose to Add another Emotion. The additional Emotion will be added to the list. The additional emotion will be added to the list.

In the Related to box, there are suggestions to help identify how the Emotion is related to the goal. Select from the list or add your own.

  5 Elements Screen 2

The selected Emotions will be added to your Session Report. Be sure to check these Emotions after the balance to verify that they have been cleared..

  If you wish to check the Emotions during an active or open Session, click the 'E' next to the Five-Elements icon.
  • Click the 'E' to the upper right of the Five-Elements icon.

The Five-Elements Emotions chart will be displayed as shown above.

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