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eTip-036 - The Theater - in eTouch 3

One of the new features in eTouch 3 was the inclusion of the Theater. eTouch is visually oriented and it is full of a variety of graphics. There are many areas in eTouch and each area includes many illustrations, photos and/or QuickTime movies. However, using the Theater screen you can access and display a graphic quickly and easily.

In this eTip, we show where to access the Theater in eTouch and how to quickly display graphics.

Theater in eTouch


  • Click the Theater button on the Main Menu of eTouch.

The Theater Menu is displayed. Here you eight categories to display the options for related graphics.

Theater Button

Theater Menu
  • Click on the Cateory Illustrations
    A scrollable list will be displayed for the options for various illustrations.

  • Click on Illustrations - Five Element Emotions
Theater - Select graphic
The Five Elements Sound Chart will be displayed.
Five Element Emotions

If you wish to enlarge or reduce the size of the illustration, click on one of the blue cirlces at the top of the screen. Click the larger circle for large graphics.
( See white arrow.)

Enlarge graphic