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eTip-036 - Origin and Insertion techniques in eTouch

Sometimes when conducting a Touch for Health balance, a muscle does not respond as quickly to the standard techniques as expected. When this occurs, you may need to stimulate a muscle at the muscle's origin and insertion. In TFH, we do this with jiggling the muscle and/or hard heavy pressure. Sometimes, particularly in cases of strain, spasm, or injury, it may be necessary to work more specifically with the two sensory feedback systems that are built into muscles: the Spindle Cell Mechanism and the Golgi Tendon Apparatus.

Many massage therapists find these techniques very handy since they already know where to locate the origin and insertion for the muscles.

In eTouch, you can learn to use or review these techniques in the Reference section, Muscles or in an active Session.

In this eTip, we show you where to find the Origin/Insertion techniques in eTouch.

In the Reference section:

  • Click Balancing Techniques in the list on left

A list of techniques will be displayed on the right.

Reference Menu
  • Click Origin/Insertion

The Origin/Insertion techniques will be displayed.

Origin and Insertion

You can scroll through for individual screens for each of these techniques.

Next, we will go to the Muscles section.

In Muscles, select a muscle that you wish to view the Origin/Insertion. For our example, we chose Quadriceps.

  • Click on Origin/Insertion in the Menu bar on right.

Origin/Insertion button

Here the Origin/Insertion of the muscle will be displayed including a description of the location.

Quadriceps Origin/Insertion
Notice the Tabs at the top of the graphic. Click the tabs for more information and graphics on these techniques.
  • Click the Spindles Golgi Tab

The graphics are displayed for the Spindle Cell Mechanism and the Golgi Tendon Techniques.

Graphics of O/I techniques

During an active Session, these techniques are just a click away as well. When is an active, Session, select the muscle for which you wish to view the Origin/Insertion.

  • Click on Origin/Insertion in the Menu bar on right. The graphic is displayed and is similar to Muscles, however, here the techniques are on individual tabs.
Origin/Insertion in Sessions
  • Click the O/I Tab

The technique and graphic is displayed for Jiggling.

The same procedure is used to view the Spindle Cell Mechanism and Golgi Tendon graphics and techniques.