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eTip-039   Downloading eTouch with Mac OS X version 10.9 Mavericks


With the release of the Mavericks Operating System, Apple has introduced a new feature called Gatekeeper to help prevent Malware being downloaded to Macs. Currently, a setting must be changed to allow eTouch for Health to be properly downloaded. This involves changing the setting of a System Preference in the Security and Permissions window.

If you are getting an error message when attempting to download your purchase of the eTouch for Health software, use the following steps as a workaround. Important: reset your settings after the download to keep your computer protected.

• Go to the Apple Menu

• Select: System Preferences

• Select: Security and Privacy

• Go to: Allow apps downloaded from:

• Select: Anywhere

• Close the Security and Privacy preference

• Perform: eTouch for Health download

• Reset your settings in your Security and Privacy Preference to your original setting