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eTip-042 - Installing eTouch Standalone IOS Apps (iPhone/iPad)
  1. Download the free FileMaker Go 14 App from the Apple Store to your iPhone. Click View in iTunes.

  2. You may need to download iTunes to your computer if you do not have it. Click Get App.

  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer

  4. Wakeup your iPhone

  5. Open iTunes

  6. Select your iPhone icon in iTunes

  7. Click on Apps when the iPhone icon appears
    Note: there are two types of Apps: Regular and down below those are FileSharing Apps

  8. Scroll down to the FileSharing Apps
    Note: that there are two sets of scroll bars so it can be confusing

  9. Click on FileMaker Go under the Filesharing Apps section

  10. The files that FM Go downloaded as samples will be in the list

  11. Navigate to your eHum folder and open it

  12. Select the eHum v3 Sa.HMM file.  
    Note: you do not need the other files

  13. Click on the Add button at the bottom of that list and eHum will be copied to your iPhone
    Note: if you get an error message that you can not open the App because of permissions, it means your iPhone has gone to sleep. Wake it and retry Steps 13 &14

  14. Eject your iPhone and disconnect from your computer

  15. Open FM Go on your iPhone. Note, when first opened, it tries to run a short tutorial. It's sometimes easier to step through it so that it is happy than trying to skip it.

  16. Click on the Device icon and it will show you the files that are stored within FM Go and you should see eHum.

  17. Click on eHum to open.

    : the next time you open FM Go, eHum will be displayed in your recent files and will be much easier to use


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