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eTip-44 – Updating Videos in Windows

Note: For Windows Users of eTouch only. Macintosh and iOS not affected


In April, 2016, Apple Computer abruptly quit support for QuickTime for Windows and it was recommended that the QuickTime Player for Windows be immediately removed from computers due to security issues. QT had worked flawlessly for over a dozen years for us and this was a surprise. We came up with the Quick Solution and that worked for 85% of Users. The Video Updating Solution is for those where the Quick Solution did not work.

Quick Solution:

1. Uninstall QuickTime: PCWorld Instructions how to Uninstall QuickTime

2. Install free VLC Videoplayer:

This seemed to work for 85% of users. The following is a more extensive update. The first solution takes approximately 15 minutes. The following may take up to one hour.

Video Updating Solution:

You should be capable of creating a backup to DVD or other device and have the ability to copy and move files in this solution. This updating may take up to one hour.

1. Uninstall QuickTime: PCWorld Instructions how to Uninstall QuickTime

2. Backup your eTouch for Health folder (usually installed in your Documents folder)

3. Request the Video Updater Package

4. We will send a download link email to you if you are in our records

5. Download the Video Updater Package to your Desktop

Perform the following copies to Update your Videos and the files in which they are used:

1. From the New Videos Folder, copy all of these files to your Videos folder which is located inside your eTouch for Health folder. Note: these are being added to videos and will replace the .Mov QT movies. If storage space is an issue, you can delete the .Mov files.

2. From the New Files Folder, copy all of these files (Muscles, Guide, xImages, Primary and Referenc) to your eTouch for Health folder. You will have a warning that these files already exist within the eTouch folder. Select to Replace all the files you are copying.

With this solution, you will now be running updated files in key places which are linked to the new translated movies.

Note: we consider these movies of Dr. John Thie, Carrie and Matthew as historic items and we translated them with this perspective. It should also be recognized that when they were recorded over a decade ago that storage devices and screens were much smaller. When these small videos are enlarged, the clarity may be degraded. It is easier to take a large movie and reduce its size than taking a small video resolution and attempting to enlarge it.






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