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Note: This issue was resolved in 2017 but just recently re-appeared March, 2018. It is in underlying software that we use to develop eTouch. When the software is installed from a DVD, the problem does not occur. As a temporary workaround, if you are experiencing this problem, we will send a DVD as a temporary fix. Alpha.ETH is there but you must manually navigate to open it.

May 2017 note: This problem has appeared recently with new installations on Macintosh systems with Mac OS 10.12.__. Apparently, Apple and/or FileMaker have made an internal change that affects new installations since May 1, 2017. This is a temporary workaround until we can get the software 'below the surface' updated. We had already planned on doing a maintenance upgrade during the summer of 2017 and this has caused increased importance to do so.


Macintosh Can Not Find Alpha.ETH when opening eTouch for Health

Just appeared May, 2017. Temporary Workaround below


• Open the eTouch for Health folder (which should be located in your Applications folder)

• Click on eTouch for Health.ETH or Alpha.ETH to open the eTouch application

If you get the following message, continue with this eTip...

  • Click OK

• A file dialog will be displayed asking for you to locate the Alpha.ETH file

  • Select Alpha.ETH and then click Open
  Note: usually, when you do this process once, eTouch will remember this connection and you will not have to repeat this process. Another part of this problem is that the connection is not remembered and you will need to do this each time you open eTouch. We are working on a permament solution to this problem that has been caused by an unknown background change in the Mac OS.