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Dr. John Thie used eTouch for Health during his last presentations at the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association conferences in 2003, 2004 and 2005. In each of these presentations, we recorded the results of the balancing session that Dr. Thie was performing as part of his presentation.

Dr. Thie's 2005 TFHKA presentation is located on YouTube and the results of that session were recorded using eTouch and can be seen in the video. This session is also part of the sample sessions included with each copy of eTouch.

Combining the YouTube video with reviewing the results of the session in eTouch is a great way to see Dr. Thie at work and see the results of the balancing session in eTouch.



Dr. Thie performs a Touch for Health Balance:

Dr. Thie at the 2005 Touch for Health Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina


The Results of the session were recorded into eTouch during Dr. Thie's presentation and included as a sample session with each copy of eTouch for Health.


• Open eTouch for Health

• Login Sample Person

  • Click the Sessions button
  • Click the Session at the bottom of the list (notice that it says "Demonstration by Dr. Thie..."
  • Review the Results of the session recorded on the YouTube video