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eTip- 052 - Copying files from Windows to iOS Devices

This process requires two free Apps that can be gotten from the Apple App Store. The first, Apple iTunes, is downloaded to your computer where eTouch is running (laptop or desktop). The 2nd app, FileMaker Go 19, is downloaded to the iOS device. FM Go will be used to run eTouch on the iOS device. 

 1. Once eTouch is installed on your ‘Mothership Computer’ (laptop or desktop), send the eTouch Team the following information as entered into eTouch at the time of installation: 

 a. First Name

 b. Last Name

 c. eMail Address 

d. eTouch Code (will be on the About Screen) in the format .xxxxxx

 Send to: 

 2. We will send you Cloud Activating Codes that will allow eTouch to operate on the iOS device 

 3. Once you have your codes, connect your iOS device to your ‘Mothership device’ using the Apple Lightening/USB cable 

 4. Open your devic

 5. Open iTunes. Notice the small rectangle to the right of the Music drop down. Click it to select your iOS Device.


6. Select FileSharing in the left menu. Notice that when you do this that FileMaker Go 19 appears in the list of File Sharing Apps

  7. Click on FileMaker Go 19 and notice that any files installed for FM Go will appear in the Documents Window

8. With iTune open and the FileMaker Go 19 App open and its Documents showing, it is now time to find the eTouch files in your personal Documents folder. You will use Microsoft’s File Explorer utility to do this. 

Note: Look under Users/Your User#/Documents/eTouch for Health 3.37 and open it.

  9. Select all the files in the eTouch folder and then Un-select eTouch for Health 3.37.exe. (FileMaker Go replaces this on the iOS Device)
10. Drag these selected files to the open FM Go Documents window.

11. Unmount your iOS device, close iTunes and disconnect your device from the Mothership.

12. Open FM Go on your device

13. Select On My iPad/iPhone and then scroll Down to Other Documents on your iOS device in FM Go