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eTip 53 - Accessing the Sample Session for Dr. Thie’s YouTube Video Presentation

John Thie delivered his last public balancing presentation at the 30th annual TFHA Conference in Durham, North Carolina July, 13-16, 2005. eTouch for Health was used to record the results of that session. These results are included in each copy of eTouch since version 3.33 as a sample session for the user, Sample Person.

This eTip explains how to find the sample session that has results which match the YouTube video. Log into the sample session while watching the video and you will get a better understanding of how Dr. Thie conducted a TFH balance and how the results are recorded in eTouch. 


YouTube Video

Click the button at right or go to:

Follow the steps below to find and open the Sample Session. 

1. Login to Sample Person from the main menu of eTouch

2. Click the Sessions Button

3. Find the Session in the list as shown below (Note: the date may be different)

This screen is from the Test Log page of the Session.

Dr. Thie demonstrates the ‘John Thie Touch for Health Balancing Protocol’:

  1. The client interview
  2. Setting meaningful goals
  3. Combining Spinal Reflexes, Neurolymphatic Points, and Metaphors for corrections
  4. Using the eTouch software for presenting Touch for Health and recording results
  5. Not shown in the video is the successful submittal of the session information to the online research database.

When John Thie was balancing you, he went to the heart of matters and helped you establish personally meaningful goals. He seamlessly integrated muscle testing, spinal reflexes, neurolymphatics, and the Metaphors for a powerful, holistic energetic balancing.


It would seem that he was just having a conversation with you about your goal while he was actually using metaphors as they related to the goal via 5 Elements, Meridians, and Muscles.

Matthew Thie was entering the results for John during his presentation.

John Thie and Research

John Thie had a huge desire to create supporting research for the Touch for Health techniques. Much effort and time were put into eTouch for collecting empirical evidence and submitting the results to a centralized online research database.

The results of this session were successfully submitted to the research database.

The online research database was an advanced state-of-the-art system and took over a year to create. The proof of the concept was proven at this last presentation.

Unfortunately, Dr. Thie's death stymied the research efforts and the system never moved into the mainstream due to funding. Still, every copy of eTouch has powerful research features deep with the software system.


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