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eTouch for Health Level 1 Workshop - The Essential Basics

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Length: 4 Hours
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Touch for Health

Recommended: Complete the eTouch for Health Basic Tutorial, read Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, pp.16-65 and 335-336.

Requirements when seeking credits: eTouch Level 1 Requirements for Credits

Level 1 - focuses on learning how to become proficient with eTouch for Health in conducting a standard TFH 14-Muscle, Goal-Based, Balance-As-You-Go Balancing Session. This level teaches how to navigate the functional areas of eTouch and, importantly, how to access reference information when needed. The dynamic Meridian Wheel and Five Elements of eTouch are introduced in the Session System review.

Level 1 Objectives:

Primary goal of this workshop is to provide the student with the opportunity to review the functional areas of eTouch for Health and to learn how to use eTouch during the setup and conduction of a standard Touch for Health (TFH) 14-muscle Balance-As-You-Go, Goal-based Session.

In this Workshop, you will learn:

  • The basic components of eTouch for Health and how to navigate between them

  • How to create a new personal record and how to login to the Session System

  • How to use eTouch to create and conduct a 14-muscle Balance-As-You-Go,
    TFH goal-based session

  • How to record testing and balancing results

  • How to assess needed Touch for Health information while conducting a balance

  • Review the Meridian Wheel and Five Elements and explore the patterns that are
    displayed dynamically
  • How to retrieve previous sessions and view them

  • How to modify the Practitioner Agreement

Level 1 - The Essential Basics

Workshop Manual Table of Contents

Navigating and Reviewing the Major Areas of eTouch for Health:

  • Main Menu
  • Site Map
  • Getting Started
  • eTouch for Health User Guide
  • Reference Main Menu
  • Reference Topics
  • Searching the TFH Reference
  • Tutorial Menu
  • TFH Tutorial 1
  • Muscles Reference
  • Individual Muscle Summary Screen
  • Muscle Testing Detail Screen
  • Spinal Reflex Balancing Technique
  • Omni Screen

Creating New Personal Records:

  • Create a New Personal Record for the Tester
  • The eTouch for Health Agreement
  • Personal Record Options
  • Personal Profile
  • Create a New Personal Record for your Workshop Partner
  • Personal Summary Screen
  • Adding a Personal Profile at a later time

Logging Into eTouch Personal Records and Session System

  • Login Workshop Partner and Self

Informed Consent Agreement

  • Go to the Informed Consent Agreement
  • Modifying the Agreement
  • View and Print the Agreement

Creating New Sessions

  • Create New Session
  • Specify Focus and Type of Session
  • Set Goal and Starting Values
  • Select Balancing Method
  • Pretests
  • Accurate Indicator Muscle and the Pretests
  • Test Log
  • TFH Balance-As-You-Go Flow Chart
  • Test Log Results – Recording Palette
  • Test Log Navigation Palette
  • Conduct 14-Muscle Testing & Balancing Session and Record Results
  • Meridian Wheel
  • 5 Elements
  • Viewing Techniques Used
  • Adding a Technique
  • Accessing a Technique in Reference from Active Session
  • Techniques Report
  • Grids
  • Session Summary Screen
  • Comments
  • Ending the Session
  • Printing Reports
  • Selecting Reports to Print

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