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eTouch for Health Level 4 Workshop
Projecting and Presenting eTouch for Health

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Length: 4 Hours

Prerequisites: eTouch for Health Level 3

Requirements when seeking credits: eTouch Level 4 Requirements for Credits

Level 4 - This workshop focuses on basic technical issues of using a computer for presentation of information. It also presents basic computer terms that users of these modern technologies may face. It does not attempt to make a technical expert out of the workshop attendees but only presents concepts and tools that will assist when using computerized presentation systems in classes, presentations and demonstrations.

The primary benefit of this workshop is to assist the instructor, presenter or consultant in selecting tools that will make them more effective as presenters of the Touch for Health / eTouch for Health information during classes and sessions. Many people have underlying fears and phobias of technology. This workshop is designed to help the attendee overcome these basic fears and become more effective as instructors and presenters. This workshop also rounds out the eTouch for Health Workshops to 16 Hours which will allow the eTouch Workshops to serve as an Instructor Update.

Level 4 Objectives:

Technology has invaded healthcare whether we like it our not. The purpose of this workshop is to look at some of the positive ways that technology can be used to help teach, learn and use Touch for Health. Some basic and helpful technical concepts and terms will be presented in this workshop but the goal is not to make anyone a technical expert but rather to present some useful ways that the technology can be applied in a classroom environment and to answer basic questions of students when first installing and using eTouch.

The Role of Technology in Healthcare:

  • Information Management - record-keeping of clients and sessions
  • Presentation of Information - visual information of class materials and supporting charts, illustrations and other visuals. “A picture is worth a thousand words!”
  • Distribution of Knowledge and Information- software, the Internet, email and DVDs can easily store and transmit information in seconds to any part of the world
  • Paperless Storage and Exchange of Records- with the increased need and requirement for record-keeping in all aspects of healthcare, technology is playing a predominant role in reducing the amount of paper being used to store these records.

Technical Basics:

  • Microprocessors
  • Operating Systems
  • Applications / Apps
  • Screen Resolution
  • Virus Protection
  • Wired versus wireless

Display Methods:

  • Digital Displays
  • Laptops, iPad Tablets and iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • Digital Projectors
  • Cables

Common Technical Issues:

  • Installation with Virus Protection On
  • Adjusting Screen Resolution
  • Passwords Lost
  • Confidentiality
  • Passwords
  • Blocking personal information on reports
  • User-assigned Passwords
  • A super-confidential solution

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