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eTouch is based on Touch for Health by Dr. John Thie. Touch for Health uses muscle testing (kinesiology or applied kinesiology) and energy balancing for holistic natural health care.




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eTouch DVD

eTouch for Health is Touch for Health software that runs on Window, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Tutorials assist in learning both Touch for Health and eTouch. Good for beginners, teachers and practitioners.

Simple session system allows quick session creation. Includes instructions, illustrations and digital movies of all 42 muscles tests and many balancing techniques. Guides you through the balancing process and records your results for reports and reference. more ...

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Touch for Health book

eTouch for Health is based on Touch for Health: The Complete Edition by Dr. John Thie and Matthew Thie. The new expanded & revised edition of the healing classic includes updated color photographs and illustrations. Touch for Health and eTouch for Health use muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism for assessing the state of subtle energies in the body and then use a variety of touch and other techniques to balance these energies. more...

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The eTouch Expansion Library is a collection of techniques related to TFH and EK. The mini-apps in this collection are created by people working within the energy kinesiolgy field. These apps can be installed into eTouch so that they can be accessed on the eTouch main menu through the Expand icon. Once installed, they will also active in the available techniques during sessions and session reporting.

Available eTouch Expansion Apps

Instrutor Earl Cook We have updated our training schedule and now provide eTouch for Health software training workshops as well as Touch for Health Levels I-IV kinesiology training. We have attempted to schedule the software workshops adjacent to the TFH classes to make it easier to attend both in one trip. We have also created several training packages that includes a complete set of classes priced at reduced rates. class overviews...

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Touch for Health
Wellness & Healthcare Chart

Dr. John Thie stated that our highly trained doctors utilize their training, skills, experience and resources approximately 10% of the time. This 10% represents the truly serious and life-threatening situations that need this level of attention from these highly trained and skilled professionals. However, that means approximately 90% of the time, the issues are the common aches, pains, fears, anxieties, stress and discomforts that we, as humans, regularly face in our daily lives. Most people cannot go to a professional every time they have one of the common aches and discomforts. The healthcare systems and bank accounts cannot support or allow it. Why not try something that is immediately available, safe and affordable? If it works, great! If it doesn't work, then move to the next higher level of care. Try these simple, safe and less-invasive options first.

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One of the powers of the Touch for Health kinesiology is that balancing sessions can be performed anywhere and without special equipment. In this special 'Balance the World' project, we want fellow TFHer's from around the world to conduct a balance in front of landmarks and special places and then send us a photo. We want to create a catalog of photos from around the world as we work to make the world a better place for all.

Join us as we balance the world!
Balancing the World Photos

TFH Tree
While preparing for the 2006 TFHKA conference, we thought a lot about Dr. John Thie and wondered of ways to illustrate his influence upon the world. Jim Reid's TFH Synthesis Tree from the mid-1990's showed many of the offshoots that Dr. Thie inspired and is a great way to visually grasp the number and variety of the many offshoots. We decided to update Jim Reid's tree and make it interactive. You can now visit the tree to explore and learn about people and techniques that you may or may not have heard about over the past 35 years of TFH and kinesiology by clicking the many links. The Touch for Health Interactive Tree is now on the web and is 'live'.

Touch for Health kinesiology is for lay people as well as professional practitioners. It is natural, holistic and easy to use while being non-invasive, drug-free and non-diagnostic.

eTouch for Health is now being used in over 80 countries around the world!

Dr. John F. Thie
   John F. Thie 1933 - 2005
John F. Thie 1933 - 2005

John F. Thie was the author and founder of Touch for Health, in addition to being a successful chiropractor, teacher and visionary. We worked closely with Dr. Thie over the past few years and he was a friend, an associate and guide. We will miss his intelligence, his humor and the caring nature that he expended to us in our relationship. We will miss our dear friend, but vow to carry on with the wonderful works that we worked on together. tribute to John Thie...

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Visit our tips index and find a series of tips and suggestions that we have created to assist you as you use eTouch for Health.

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