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eTip-043 –QuickTime Security Update and VLC Media player

Note: This is for Windows only. Macintosh is not affected.

This is an important notice for all Windows users of eTouch for Health. Previously we recommended using QuickTime to play the movies in eTouch and this has worked well for over a dozen years. However, Apple Computer has stopped supporting QuickTime for Windows. It is recommended that you uninstall QuickTime from your computer for security reasons if you have it installed. There is a free player that will replace the QuickTime functionality so that your eTouch movies will play.

To Uninstall QuickTime:

PCWorld Instructions: PCWorld Instructions how to Uninstall QuickTime

1. Go to your Start Menu
2. Select: Control Panels
3. Select: Uninstall an App/Program
4. Select: QuickTime in the list of Apps
5. Click the Uninstall Button

Note: there are many components of the QuickTime installation so you may be asked to confirm its removal multiple times.

To access the free VLC Media Player for Windows:

Download the VLC program and follow the instructions for installation. It is a straightforward install.

This is a quick solution. It seems to have worked for 85% of users. If the VLC Player solution does not work for you, please see eTip-044 which has more steps but is an updated solution.


Notice from Apple Computer: Apple Discontinues Support for Windows QuickTime

Reuters article: US Agency Recommends Removing QuickTime


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