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eTouch for Health Level 2 - Exploring Session Options

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Length: 4 Hours
Prerequisites: eTouch for Health Level 1

Recommended: Complete the eTouch for Health Intermediate and Advanced Tutorials, read Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, pp. 232-243; 70; 303-306; 326-331

Requirements when seeking credits: eTouch Level 2 Requirements for Credits

Level 2 - presents options available in eTouch when conducting other types of balancing sessions and introduces the concepts of over-energy detection and the One-point Assessment Balance. Tester Preferences are also introduced in this level. These allow the eTouch user to set preferences that reflect the way they like to use the software. This allows the practitioner to become more proficient with the tool and more effective as a Touch for Health practitioner.

Level 2 Objectives:

Primary goal is to ensure the workshop participant is confident and comfortable with the multiple eTouch for Health session options.

In this Workshop, you will learn:

  • How to customize eTouch to reflect your personal preferences

  • Specific techniques for creating sessions other than the standard 14-muscle goal-based balancing session

  • How to create sessions for class practices using only the TFH II or TFH III muscles

  • The difference between setting up goal-based and condition-based balancing sessions

  • How to mix and blend eTouch techniques to create new variations of Sessions


The student knows how to perform tasks from eTouch for Health Level I including:

1. Creating New Personal Records
2. Logging In a Tester and Client
3. Creating a New 14-Muscle Goal-based Session
4. Recording Results and Ending Sessions

Level 2 - Exploring Session Options

Workshop Manual Table of Contents


Workshop Objectives

Tester Options

  • Login
  • Setting Tester Options
  • Setting New Person Options

Recording Conditions / Indications Reported to You

  • Add Conditions / Indications for Tester
  • Recording Specifics and Source of Diagnosis
  • Login and Add Conditions / Indications for Workshop Partner

eTouch for Health Login

Creating New 14+ Muscle Condition-based eTouch Session

  • Create New Session
  • Set Session Criteria to Use Conditions for Adding Muscles
  • Record Results and View Session Summary
  • Reassess Pain or Discomfort
  • Viewing and Printing Condition Reportss
  • Examining the Personal Record to see Results

Creating Sessions from Special Groupings

  • Special Selection Muscles in the Muscles Reference
  • Creating a New Session from the Muscles Selected
  • Setting Session Criteria
  • Pretests and the Recording of 5 Element Emotions 13

Using the Grids for Data Input

Viewing the 24-Hour Meridian Wheel before Over-Energy Recorded

Alarm Points

Pulse Check

One-Point Assessment Balance Flow Chart

Viewing the 24-Hour Wheel with Over-Energy Recorded

Viewing the 5 Elements

Session Options Variety

Creating a Session with the ? Explore Function

  • Using Muscular Function Groupings to Select Muscles
  • The Role of Touch for Health in Healthcare

Select by Category Session

  • New Session
  • Setting Session Options
  • Selecting Muscles to be Included by Clicking Illustration
  • Adding Muscles by clicking Interactive Neurolymphatic Points
  • Muscles Selected in the Test Log

14-Muscle Plus Going Outside the Wheel Session

  • Setting the Includes
  • Using the Includes to Add Muscles for Selected Categories

Creating a Wizard Off Session

The Simple Session System (S3)

  • Starting the S3 Session
  • The Omni Screen S3 Palette
  • Navigating S3 and Recording Results
  • Viewing Results with the Meridian Wheel and 5 Elements
  • Ending the S3 Session

Workshop Review

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