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Earl Cook & Gail Cook

We are looking forward

to seeing you in person again!

Until then, we are offering a series of powerful online classes

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We miss being in the classroom
and interacting with you

Please check out our online
classes so we can meet virtually.

  • Introductory to Advanced

  • Short and Powerful online classes

  • Prepares you for advanced classes for when we can meet and touch again

  • Several classes are unique and not found anywhere else!

 A La Carte Classes

Our newest class!



Bubbles - Free Classes

Join us in our free one-hour Zoom tours of Bubbles and the Five Elements. Bubbles is based on Energy Kinesiology, Touch for Health, and Acupuncture Meridian Theory.

Presented by the developer of the app, Earl Cook, you will gain insight into the power of this little app and have opportunities to ask your questions.

Bubbles has a full complement of training videos accessible from within the App. Running on the iPad, Bubbles seamlessly connects and projects to Roku devices located on a network. This greatly expands the capabilities of instructors and presenters without the need for expensive projection devices.

Seven years in the making! See what we have been up to for all these years. Let's have fun with wellness and healing!

1 Hour Zoom Classes

Thursday, June 16
2 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
18:00 - 19:00 UTC

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Saturday, June 18
1 am - 12:00 pm EDT
18:00 - 20:00 UTC

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Tuesday, June 21
2 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
18:00 - 19:00 UTC

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One of our most popular classes!

Plantar Testing

Plantars and Dorsals

Whether you are walking, running, jumping, dancing, or simply standing, you are using the muscles of your feet. When the muscles of your feet are inhibited, weakened, or not functioning properly, your body attempts to compensate.

Foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain, and hip pain can all be part of the body’s compensation system. Balancing these muscles is very beneficial for relieving pain and better posture.

In this powerful two-hour live online workshop, you will learn powerful techniques for testing and correcting non-functioning muscles of the feet that are not part of the normal TFH curriculum. Many times, foot pain disappears almost immediately when using these corrections.

A PDF workbook of the technique and illustrations of the feet and related muscles/systems is included. These illustrations were created by Earl Cook, innovator of these techniques and instructor for the class.



2 Hours | Zoom

Tuesday, July 12th
2 pm - 4:00 pm EDT
18:00 - 20:00 UTC
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LIVE at Touch for Health Conference

Sunday, August 7th
2 pm - 4:00 pm CDT
19:00 - 21:00 UTC

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 Preparatory Classes

Intro to Muscle Testing

Intro to Muscle Testing

Do you want to cut to the chase and learn the basics of muscle testing in the fastest way possible? These classes present the basics to get you on your way. This is an excellent preparatory class for Touch for Health and for those having a limited need for the basics of muscle testing.

This class does not offer credits and is not a replacement for the extensive Touch for Health classes taught later. It is, though, an excellent preparatory course which will teach new and useful skills.


6 Hours | (2 days x 3 hrs) | Zoom

TBA - Stay Tuned


 Previous Classes

  Classes not currently scheduled. Please Contact Us Here to let us know if you are interested in any of the specific classes below.

eHum Image

eHum One-Point Balance

Simply one of the easiest and most powerful balancing techniques you will ever experience.

This technique integrates Touch for Health energy kinesiology with brain function and physiology; ancient mysticism; recent scientific discoveries and theories; with the healing sounds of Tibetan Monks. Personally experience and learn how to use these simple and powerful wellness techniques on yourself and others.

Profits from the class and the sale of the eHum app are shared with the Drepung Monastery.



 NOTE: Due to Covid-19, only the version with adequate distancing and without personal contact is taught.


Head to toe balancing icon

Head to Toe Balance

This workshop combines the eHum technique together with the Muscles of the Feet technique for a complete balancing experience.




 Touch for Health Student Refreshers

Touch for Health refreshers


Are you a TFH student and feel a bit rusty in areas or have questions that you would like answers for that are covered in the TFH 1-4 curriculums? These classes are only open to students that have successfully completed TFH with a TFH instructor. The class agenda will be determined by the questions and needs of the attendees submitted before the class date. Only techniques covered in each TFH level will be covered in this refresher course. No credits are offered.

Students should already have their reference(s) from their previous class, either Touch for Health: The Complete Edition and/or, the IKC TFH Book 1 & 2.

 The class agendas will be set by the needs and requests of the students registered. 



 Advanced Techniques

Remote Balancing icon

Remote Balancing

While the ability to meet and touch has been greatly diminished due to the pandemic, the need for wellbeing remains. Learn techniques that can be used to help others even when they are located distantly. Having a partner during this class is helpful. Having a remote subject that needs care is very helpful when practicing these techniques. Importantly, your subjects should be aware and have provided you permission to help them in this way. Attendees will be asked to volunteer for demonstrations.

This technique is not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease.




Reactive Muscles icon

Reactive Muscles

Reactive Muscles are one of the most challenging concepts to learn and master. In this short course, we focus only on mastering this one technique. Additional information and technique refinements will be part of this workshop.




 Misc Information

Zoom logo

Online Clients

We use the industry-standard online clients Zoom and Cisco Webex in our live online classes. These are free apps that can be downloaded and installed prior to classes. Make sure to check to see which client is being used for the class you are registered for taking. Download, install and play with the app if you are not familiar with the technology. If any problems are encountered, please contact either Zoom or Webex for support and trouble-shooting.



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Credits are only offered for the Touch for Health 1-4 classes. Full attendance of all sessions for a level are required before earning credits. The TFH classes are not recorded and can not be made up via video-on-demand. Click the link at right for details about the various credits available.

Credits Info


TFH Wellness Chart

No medical information or advice is offered on the website or in the classes being taught here. These techniques are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or for serious and life-threatening issues. Always seek professional healthcare attention for continuing or worsening symptoms.



Touch for Health

eTouch for Health

• Touch for Health in a searchable reference
• Videos of muscle tests
• Extensive charts and illustrations
• Client and results tracking with reports
• Powerful session-creation system
• Dynamic display of energetic patterns from results
• Used by students, instructors and practitioners
• Expansion apps add additional techniques



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 Official Reference

Touch for Health

Touch for Health:
The Complete Edition

Touch for Health: The Complete Edition by John Thie and Matthew Thie is the official reference for these classes. For the TFH 1-4 refresher classes, if the student already has the IKC TFH 1 and 2 books, these may be used.

It is important to order and have the book in hand before classes begin. Amazon is the recommended source for prompt delivery.



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