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Touch for Health Level 4 Syllabus
As Defined by the International Kinesiology College

A. Other Balancing Techniques
• Figure Eight Energy
• Five Elements and Meridian Review
• Five Element Emotions
• Five Element Sound Balance
• Acupressure Holding Point Theory
• Luo Points
• Time of Day Balance
• Postural Stress Release
• Neurolymphatic Release
• Reactive Muscles Review
• Deep Muscles of the Body
• Superficial Muscles of the Body
• Postural Analysis
• Posture Principles and Standards
• Know your Muscles
• Muscles, Sports and Exercise
• Skeleton
• Glossary

B. Muscle Tests and Corrections for:
• 42 Muscles Head to Toe Standing
• 42 Muscles Head to Toe Prone and Supine

C. Outcomes and Applying Touch for Health:
• IKC Instructor Training Requirements
• Aims of the International Kinesiology College
• References and Suggested Reading
• Touch for Health Review
• Guidelines for Practical Assessment
• Balance Records for TFH Levels 3 & 4
• The TFH Synthesis in Practical Application

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