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Touch for Health Levels 1-4
eTouch for Health Levels 1-4
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Touch for Health Training: Levels 1-4

Earl Cook

Earl was awarded the TFHKA Instructor of the Year for


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Learn Touch for Health in a relaxed, focused and
participatory training environment

Learn Touch for Health to help yourself and others relieve stress and pain by enabling the innate healing capabilities of the body. TFH’s non-invasive methods use only your hands and simple touch and other holistic techniques.

Use muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism to determine the balance of energy in the body and a variety of easy techniques to restore the natural energy flow through the meridians. Improve posture and enhance vitality and mental performance. Emotional as well as physical stresses are addressed. Goal setting also incuded.

Classes are fun, interactive and can be life changing.

Your instructor, Earl Cook, is approved by the International Kinesiology College. Earl and Gail have been practicing TFH since 1976 after a seven-year injury of Earl's was fixed in minutes using these powerful TFH techniques. They worked personally with Touch for Health founder, Dr. John Thie, D.C and his son, Matthew. Earl is the developer of the interactive software, eTouch for Health, based on Dr. Thie’s book, TFH: The Complete Edition.

Learn TFH using eTouch

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2024 Touch for Health Classes 1-4

Touch for Health - Level 1
LIVE Online

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TFH Level 1
15 Hours - 3 Days - 15 CEs - Prerequisite: None

January 19 -21

Introduces the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both lay-people and professionals. You will learn the core techniques of muscle testing for the primary 14 energy meridians and you will learn the standard 'balance-as-you-go' techniques for balancing the body's energies. The theory of TFH and the acupuncture meridians are introduced with the western reflex techniques that are used to restore balance for dramatically improving posture, alleviating pain and stress, and for enhancing vitality and mental performance.

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Touch for Health - Level 2
LIVE Online

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Touch for Health Level 2
15 Hours - 3 Days - 15 CEs - Prerequisite: TFH I

February 2-4

This course introduces additional muscles and more energy balancing techniques and theory. New techniques and concepts presented in TFH II are: Circuit Locating which helps identify the body's preference for balancing technique; Alarm Points for over-energy detection; the Meridian Wheel and Time of Day Balance; the Law of Five Elements; several specialized balancing techniques and several self-balancing techniques

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Touch for Health - Level 3
LIVE Online

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Touch for Health Level 3
15 Hours - 3 Days - 15 CEs - Prerequisites: TFH II

February 16-18

Larn another 14 muscles in this level along with additional techniques for balancing the body's energy. Techniques for dealing with chronic and recent pain are also introduced along with deeper understanding of the Five Elements theory. The interaction of muscles is studied further and the topic of interactive muscles is presented coupled with the Circuit Retaining mode.

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Touch for Health - Level 4
LIVE Online

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Touch for Health Level 4
15 Hours - 3 Days - 15 CEs - Prerequisites: TFH III

March 1-3

You will learn to balance all 42 TFH muscles in a standing or prone position and learn how to balance using Five Element emotions, sound, Luo Points, Postural Stress Release and Tibetan Figure Eight Energies. Acupressure Holding Point theory and reactive muscles techniques are also covered.

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  Touch for Health, eTouch for Health, the Touch for Health classes and eTouch for Health workshops are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or serious illness or injury. Always consult professional healthcare providers for serious and life-threatening health issues.