Bubbles’ list of features

Bubbles and the Five Elements

Based upon Energy Kinesiology, Touch for Health®, and Acupuncture Meridian theory
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Bubbles Video Overview

Overview of the features of Bubbles and the Five Elements.

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Bubbles has a full complement of training videos accessible from within the App. Running on the iPad, Bubbles seamlessly connects to and projects to Roku devices located on a network. This greatly expands the capabilities of instructors and presenters without the need for expensive projection devices.

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Project to Roku Devices

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Seven Languages

English + Spanish + French + German + Japanese + Chinese + Russian

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Build flexible testing and balancing preferred paths

Bubbles supports balancing at the Five Element | Meridian | Muscle levels with powerful internal interconnectiveness that provides powerful insights.


Easily build sessions


Dynamic interconnections


Indicates location of one-point balance

Intelligent Touch

Bubbles shows where to touch using multiple protocols


Bubbles Pro Trial

One Month Free

30 days
  • Includes everything that is in Bubbles Pro
  • 30-Day free trial
  • When Bubbles Pro is purchased after Trial, we will send a new link for Bubbles Pro activated for one year.

Bubbles Pro Trial

Pro + eHum Trial

One Month Free

30 days
  • Includes everything in Bubbles Pro + eHum
  • 30-Day free trial
  • When Bubbles Pro + eHum is purchased after Trial, we will send a new link for your one year activation.

Bubbles + eHum Trial


Bubbles Pro

$12 per month

Billed annually
  • Based on Energy Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Accupuncture Meridians
  • Over seven balancing techniques
  • Testing and balancing can be combined for dozens of protocol paths
  • Includes 14 muscle testing videos (28 in progress)
  • Intelligent Touch (IT) feature shows where to touch for balancing techniques

Bubbles Pro

Bubbles Pro + eHum

$16 per month

Billed annually
  •  Includes everything in Bubbles Pro
  •  Includes eHum and the Tibetan Monks

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eHum and the Tibetan Monks


eHum is one of the most remarkable balancing techniques that we use. With the focus upon the Five Elements and sounds in Bubbles, eHum is a perfect match with its powerful vibrational capabilities.

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We have been using Touch for Health since 1976, creating custom software apps since 1987, and teaching TFH and related courses since 2005. We have taught TFH live classes since 2005 and live virtual classes since 2015.

Earl was awarded the 2010 International Kinesiology College John Thie Award in Kyoto, Japan and was awarded the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association Instructor of the Year award for 2016-2017.