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Simple, drug-free and non-invasive techniques for maintaining good health

In Touch for Health, we focus on the whole person and assist in the achievement of better health by balancing the vital energies and improving harmony in lives. We help people in becoming aware of the holistic nature of their Being and its effects upon their health.

We believe that the body is always attempting to reach homeostatis and balance on its own and if we can assist the body by using natural and non-invasive techniques, then it is one of the safest and most beneficial ways to improve our Wellness and general health.

Importantly, we do not diagnose or treat disease and we refer all serious and life-threatening issues to qualified healthcare professionals. Touch for Health has been safely used since 1973 in over 100 countries of the world and the Touch for Health book has been translated into a dozen languages.

We concentrate on preventive health, elimination or repatterning the effects of stress and trauma, and on helping the person focus on a healthy future while balancing the flow of the vital energies that are known traditionally as Qi, Chi and Prana.

With the Manual Muscle Test (MMT), as used in Touch for Health, the goal of the test is to determine whether or not a muscle can lock, rather than being a strength or range-of-motion test. There are many stressors that can affect the locking capability of muscles so the MMT becomes an effective monitor of the effects of stress upon the body.

eTouch for Health has digital movies that clearly demonstrate proper testing and balancing techniques.

Testing is done with the clothes on and can be performed standing or with the use of a flat firm surface where the person being tested is reclined.

Touch for Health and eTouch use natural health techniques that are non-invasive, do not require any special equipment, do not puncture the skin and the techniques can be performed by the layperson.

The muscle tests used in Touch for Health are adapted from those developed by Kendall & Kendall which are standards in physical therapy disciplines. In TFH, though, only two pounds (1 kg) of pressure and two inches (5 cm) of motion are needed to determine whether a muscle can 'lock'. We are not testing actual strength, but rather the ability to lock the muscle when a small amount of consistent pressure is applied to a muscle that has been functionally isolated. It was Dr. George Goodheart, Jr. in 1964 that established the connection between the muscle tests and their association with specific energetic Acupuncture Meridians. Dr. John Thie, D.C., popularized the non-diagnostic version of the techniques in his book, Touch for Health, in 1973.
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Complementary Health Care - eTouch for Health and Touch for Health do not replace the need for health care provided by professional providers and should be used to complement their care. Touch for Health and eTouch should be used in a preventive manner, for maintaining the general health of individuals, for boosting the body's immune system, and for assisting the self-healing powers of the body. For serious illness, injury, or continuing or worsening symptoms, always seek the services of a health care professional. Touch for Health and eTouch can be used to assist recovery and the broad range of the Synthesis can be used for reducing stress and emotional strain caused by trauma.

Alternative Health Care - Touch for Health and eTouch provide techniques that are not part of conventional medicine and can provide positive results using these alternative methods. TFH can be used for resolving many 'garden variety' ailments, aches and pains caused by activities, stress and any other condition that can be improved by restoration of the vital energy flow.

Natural Health Care - Touch for Health does not require the use of instruments, invasive techniques or the use of drugs. Balancing the natural energies of the body is the goal when using the TFH techniques and achieving growth and balance in all areas of a person's life is the essence of the philosophy of Touch for Health.

Holistic Health Care - The positive effects upon health that harmony of our Mind, Body and Spirit produces is recognized as a vital part of good health in Touch for Health. We recognize that we are connected to the world and not isolated from it and that we are connected to those of around us in ways that only the writings of the masters can describe on the spiritual side and quantum mechanics on the scientific side.

Energy Healing - A general term that has evolved from the Western adoptance of working with the body's subtle energies is energy healing. Energy healing takes many forms and has evolved in many ways. Touch for Health was the basis for many of these new discoveries in the world of energy healing.

Self Care - In a world in which the ability to keep oneself healthy in body, mind and spirit, it is an advantage to know techniques that can be used to help achieve and maintain this good health. In the United States, the trend is that healthcare is becoming more expensive and is rising at rates up to 15-20% per year and the coverage that people received is being reduced in many cases. 40 million people in the U.S. currently go without health insurance and many people work in pain or when sick to keep their jobs in tough economic times.

All of us already practice self care when we exercise, eat healthy diets and do things to improve our outlook of life and to grow as individuals and preserve our health. We must also practice Self Care when deciding if the pain, injury or illness that we or our loved ones is experiencing is serious enough to require a visit to a doctor. We always recommend seeing healthcare professionals in serious situations, but what do you do until you get to the appointment? And what can you do to assist in your recovery? And what if you can do something to resolve the pain or discomfort without needing to miss a day of work, or miss a vacation or the necessity to perform at work, in a sport or attempting to achieve a goal while not at your optimum? Touch for Health and eTouch can be a great tool in the Self Care efforts of people.

Science and Theory - There is a great deal of research going on in the energy health world today. Many people who have seen the phenomenal results while working with the subtle energies continue their research into advanced techniques. There is also a great deal of research being performed by biomedical groups and academia into the energy healing world of healthcare.

TFH is based on principles and knowledge that are over 4,000 years old. Seeing and experiencing the techniques are the proof that most people need. It is pretty convincing when someone can not lock a muscle and have pain and then suddenly they can lock it and the pain goes away. No claims are made about diagnosing or treating disease in TFH, but the fact that they are so many positive outcomes is the proof that drives many in this field.

The complete explanation of how energy healing works may eventually be defined using quantum physics and other theories that some of the greatest minds on the planet are currently researching. These experts are still having difficulty explaining our physical world, because sometimes Einstein's theory of relativity works, sometimes quantum physics explains things, sometimes both are required, and, now, string theories are being used to describe how things work in our physical world. So far though, the more the scientists learn about energy, the more they see the fusion with the teachings of the spiritual masters rather than disproving them.

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